Google Search Console Page Action Are Temporary Disabled

Google Search Console Page Action Are Temporary Disable

The Google Webmaster Tools URL inspection tool is a powerful Feature that helps index page URL on search results, But Google recently Page actions are temporarily disabled for update inspect tool.

October 14, ongoing Google announced The "Request Indexing" feature of the URL Inspection Tool has been disabled in order to make some technical updates. We then temporarily blocked this feature by Google. So, Google That expects Tool it to be re-enabled in the coming weeks

Google announced an update made to and request indexing new features coming soon. It now temporarily drops the request indexing feature should be Fix to back in the upcoming weeks while Google makes changes.

Google News : Temporarily Drops Request Indexing 

We are trying to crawl a new blog post URL in Google Search Console. We have received this above information message "Page actions are temporarily disabled" and even the request "REQUEST INDEXING" link/button is disabled by google. By clicking on the learn more info text button we would find more information on the update tool by google.

URL Inspection tool  news

However, Google will continue to search and index content through a regular Google-covered approach, ahead of time.

So this is not a problem. We have no reason to be confused about this. We can publish content as before.

You know Actions tool on URLs u includes crawling, indexing, SEO, and Mark Up details and errors. SO we can not see suggestions on the required actions to resolve the same.  

Google Console Page Website Push Actions Feature Update 2020

So, check out officially the announcement post on Google Twitter here:

John Mueller Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst by Google of post this on Twitter:

Google’s Page actions are a magic method used to retrieve data from its search index and instantly give the best possible results on search results. 

Because of this, we have had some problems for a while.

The URL is one of the opportunities in the Google index and not fast. For this reason, we have had some problems for some time.


This page is not in the index, but not because of an error. See the details below to learn why it wasn't indexed.

Disabled the Request Indexing URL Inspection Tool

Google indexed URLs Takes time that is Plainly for us.

This feature will return in the up coming weeks as Google changes its infrastructure.That google automatic fix to index our content on our webmaster so, stay with google.

We hope to be able to give more details and present new features about crawl, discovery and index content in a more simple way. So, our webmasters will have a new and improved page activity URL inspection tool and a better experience. We can simple way to submit your new URLs is on Google  Search Console.