This is the Dangers of Jingling for Your Website!


This time we will discuss the Jingling software which is currently popular among bloggers and digital marketers. Have you heard of Jingling software before? If you are not sure you are a good blogger. You really understand the meaning of a process. And you also don't want to get instant success. Yes, Jingling is a software to increase website traffic instantly or commonly called auto visitor software.

Have you ever known autovisitor software for bloggers?

With auto visitor software, your website will be flooded with lots of visitors in just a few days. You don't need to bother writing content, improve website performance and do several things so that visitors come to the website / blog that you have. This auto visitor software will run on the system automatically so that website traffic increases dramatically. Now, what is Jingling? Is it profitable for your website? Will Google give penalties for using this software? Okay, we discuss one by one!

Jingling is…

Jingling is an auto visitor software that originated in China and has been running since 2008. Because it comes from the country of the bamboo curtain, the official website is also in Chinese. You can access the official website at . However, you can access the English version of the website at . Jingling also has a cool name, you know! In the world, Jingling is also known by name Software Traffic Spirit.

Jingling is a software bot that runs on the system and is useful for increasing website traffic. Some of the facilities claimed by Jingling/Traffic Spirit in increasing visitors are:

1. Free
You are free to download and use the Jingling software without having to pay a penny! You also don't need to register to get this software.

2. Full Support
You can send complaints, responses or any problems to the Traffic Spirit (Jingling) Team for free via email or skype.

3. Visitors come from various countries
Jingling claims to get the IP address of visitors (visitors) from various countries. The IP address will be used by Jungling to work on the system. Deceive the system to detect incoming visitors based on existing IP addresses.

4. No Virus No Trojan
Jingling also mentioned that he was safe and trusted. There is no virus or Trojan that is inserted into the software. Jingling will also block existing pop-up ads.

5. Always Upgrade
Traffic Spirit also has a professional team and upgrades regularly

What is the Impact of Jingling on a Website?

It was explained at the beginning that Jingling is an auto visitor software that allows your website to get lots of visitors instantly. If your website has a lot of visitors, logically your website traffic will also increase. And that of course will increase the ranking of the website on search engines. However, keep in mind that Jingling or Traffic Spirit is not a human visitor, you know, but a bot/robot. Bots account for 60 percent of all website traffic. So, even though your website has a lot of visitors, there are no interactions that are running. There are no comments, no reactions to content, no one even visits your website. The bot will run behind the system and increase website traffic by using the IP address you have. Is this very profitable for the website? Hmmm ... maybe this is one of the easiest ways to increase website rankings to number 1 on search engines. However, did you know that there are negative effects caused by using Jingling? Come on, follow our search below:

1. Spam Detected
Google's algorithm continues to evolve over time. Google's technology is also increasingly sophisticated in determining which websites use bots to increase traffic and which are not. Websites that are indicated using bots will be detected as spam websites.

2. Website Will Be Deleted By Google
If your website is detected by bots like Jingling or Traffic Spirit, Google will not hesitate to delete your website, you know! Not only that, your website will also disappear from the google search index. The ranking of websites on Google will decrease, the website will also be removed from Google. Don't you feel loss? For years managing a website wholeheartedly suddenly just deleted by Google and you can't do anything? Hmm… Think again!

3. Considered a Junk Website!
Don't let your website be considered a junk website because of this auto visitor software. Jungling or Traffic Spirit will only increase Alexa rankings but not increase website search rankings.

4. Disaster for Google Ads Users
If you have Google Ads installed on your website, please be careful! If you use Jungling or Traffic Spirit, payment will be given at the end of the month. Then it turns out that at the end of the month, you will get an email containing a notification of deleting the website.

Stop Using Jingling!

Now you know what Jingling is, right? What is the impact on the website? How will Google treat websites that have high traffic thanks to auto visitor software? Hmmm .. for that, stop using Jingling! A good blogger will definitely not use instant ways to get visitors. Always improve website performance and improve content quality so that visitors are attracted to stop by your blog/website. If other people are interested in visiting, automatically website traffic will also increase. And automatically, your website ranking is getting up on Google.


Jingling is an auto visitor software made in China that functions to increase website traffic. Jingling will only increase website traffic temporarily but has a significant negative impact on the website, you know! Google will not hesitate to remove websites and lower website rankings. Besides that, your website will also be labeled as spammed website! True bloggers will definitely not do things like that.