5 WordPress and Blogspot Preloaders HTML

 5 WordPress and Blogspot Preloaders HTML

Hi, want your website or blog to look cooler and more stylish, try using one of the 5 Preloaders for Blogger and Wordpress that I have provided below.

Then how do I install it?
First open your Website or Blog dashboard, Edit the Theme in HTML, Enter the Preloader Code you want Right Under the Tag "". Kemudian Simpan, Dan Lihat Hasilnya.

Note: In using the preloader itself, there are advantages and disadvantages, the advantage is that your website or blog will become more stylish. And the drawback, the Page Load speed is reduced.

There are 5 preloaders below that you can try.

Preloader 1

See the Pen Website Preloader 1 by MrqRama (@MrqRama) on CodePen.

Preloader 2

See the Pen Website Preloader 2 by MrqRama (@MrqRama) on CodePen.

Preloader 3

See the Pen Website Preloader 3 by MrqRama (@MrqRama) on CodePen.

Preloader 4

See the Pen Website Preloader 4 by MrqRama (@MrqRama) on CodePen.

Preloader 5

See the Pen Website Preloader 5 by MrqRama (@MrqRama) on CodePen.