Vici Wordpress Woocommerce Theme with (Hyperfocused)

Vici Wordpress Woocommerce Theme with (Hyperfocused)

Vici Wordpress Woocommerce Theme with (Hyperfocused)

If you need a  WooCommerce theme for your online Store, Vici Wordpress Woocommerce Theme is a top choice. 

Vici Wordpress Woocommerce Theme is a multi-purpose WooCommerce theme that has a drag-drop website builder option that is all crafted well to store a complete solution to any business’ online clarity.  

Vici Wordpress Woocommerce Theme likewise has a cool, modern, and sleek e-Commerce theme perfect for creative individuals. Developers always try to improve this theme for everybody’s online business. 

So, with the newest version of  Vici Wordpress Woocommerce Theme, it has been made Hyperfocused than the good version.

Vici Wordpress Woocommerce Theme, Adjusts that you can stretch functionality through plugins, widgets, and shortcodes. 

Plugins planted in the theme Page Builder for crafting pages via drag and drop feature. 

So, without coding skills, you can still manage to complete the pages of your website as your option for Vici. It is also ready to increase ranks at search engines as it is built with SEO-friendly features.

Vici Wordpress Woocommerce Theme is an automatic & flexible, free WordPress theme offering deep combination with WooCommerce.

 Vici Wordpress Woocommerce Theme Storefront is clean and simple by design, the perfect starting point from which to customize and suit your brand and store, that's using the WordPress customizer, a custom plugin.

Vici - Woocommerce Themes For Online Shop

•WooCommerce integration
WooCommerce hub and various WooCommerce widths.

•Very suitable display options
Change the look and feel of your shop in a few clicks

•100% Responsive
you view your shop on a user friendly, it will adapt and display wonderfully capability.

•E-Commerce-Sale Features
Display product sections, recent, featured, on-sale, and top-rated products all from your homepage.

•Accessibility Ready
WooCommerce Storefront's Hyperfocused to accessibility makes your store friendly to the widest customers likely.

Vici Woocommerce Wordpress Theme Of Features:

✔️Future proof HTML5 / CSS3 code.
✔️100% Responsive.
✔️Modular Design.
✔️Theme Installer.
✔️Seamless Elementor integration with custom Widgets.
✔️Alert Widget.
✔️Review Widget.
✔️Posts Widget.
✔️Mailchimp Widget.
✔️Contact Form Widget.
✔️Carousel Widget.
✔️FAQ Widget.
✔️Portfolio Widget.
✔️Slider Widget.
✔️ WooCommerce Widget.
✔️Seamless WooCommerce integration with extended features.
✔️Ajaxified Cart.
✔️Fly-to-Cart Animation.
✔️Free Shipping Upsell.
✔️Extended functionality with bespoke plugins.
✔️Extensions Plugin.
✔️Slider Plugin.
✔️Gallery Plugin.
✔️Carousel Plugin.
✔️FAQ Plugin.
✔️Live AJAX Search.
✔️Native WordPress Live Customizer.
✔️Native WordPress Shortcodes.
✔️Shortcodes built into the native WordPress editor.
✔️Fully Widgetized Sidebar.
✔️3 WordPress Menus.
✔️Logo Uploader.
✔️Beautiful Typography.
✔️Google Font Stack built-in.
✔️Popup Contact Form.
✔️Reading Progress Indicator.
✔️Contrast Readability Mode.
✔️Dynamic Font Sizing.
✔️Accent Color Picker.