Unlimited Free Internet Trick Maroc Telecom Morocco 2020

Unlimited Free Internet Trick Maroc Telecom Morocco 2020. This free unlimited internet trick is for PTS readers in Morocco on the Maroc Telecom. This free net trick can be configured using different tunneling apps.

I won't waste much of your time and head to straight to the settings after telling you the requirement of the trick demands. 

This free net trick uses the DNS protocol to tunnel for free net access and thus, demand for apps such as HTTP Injector, AnonyTun, TunnelCat, Slow DNS, for the connection to go through.


1. A Maroc Telecom Morocco SIM card with zero data and call credit
2. An Android device, iOS, or PC.
3. Your Slow DNS, AnonyTun or any tunneling app of your choice (Find the link below)
4. The configuration settings


1. Click here to download the Slow DNS app or download TunnelGuru app for PC users
2. Install and open the app.
3. Now use the below settings to configure your Slow DNS app:
       Username and password: Leave this part
        Server: select any free server of your choice
       DNS Server:, or any a faster TunnelGuru IP address
       Choose TXT: Response not encoded
       LPort= 275 , RPort= 20
       Keep changing connection port: Tick
       Binary Query: Tick
       Click on Connect
4. Wait for the connection to go through because sometimes it might take a while for it to go through. However, if it doesn't, simply try reconnecting again.

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