Types of Devil Fruits in One Piece and Weaknesses

The Devil Fruit in One Piece gives Luffy and his friends a variety of unique powers! What are the kinds? Let's discuss together!

The Devil Fruit in One Piece is cool, right, Friends! Just eating fruit can get weird superpowers like Luffy! Well, today the World Games want to discuss a little about the magic fruit of the spell!

There are 3 types of Devil Fruits (aka Akuma no Mi) in One Piece: Paramecia, Zoan, and Logia. The latter is the rarest fruit. Let's look together, what are the strengths of each type of Devil Fruit!

The Devil Fruit Paramecia

Paramecia is the most common type of Devil Fruit found, although it remains rare. This type of fruit has the most diverse abilities, some can turn the body into rubber, separate limbs, make the body slippery, and even have the ability to move objects or turn people into toys.  

Character that has the power of Paramecia :

  • Monkey D. Luffy with Gomu Gomu no Mi, turning the body into rubber
  • Nico Robin with Hana Hana no Mi, can bring up her limbs anywhere
  • Brook with Yomi Yomi no Mi, which made it possible to live forever
  • Donquixote Doflamingo with Ito Ito no Mi, can make and manipulate yarn
  • Trafalgar D. Water Law with Ope Ope no Mi, can manipulate objects in certain areas

 Zoan's Devil Fruit

Zoan type Devil Fruit allows the eater to turn into an animal, or a human-half-animal mixture and even a combination of two different animals. Not only ordinary animals, but also ancient creatures such as dinosaurs or monsters from mythological stories. It is said that Zoan's fruit can turn people into mythological animals more rare than Logia.

Characters that have Zoan's strength :

  • Tony Tony Chopper with Hito Hito no Mi, can turn into a real human
  • Robb Lucci with Neko Neko no Mi, can turn into a leopard 
  • Pell with Tori Tori no Mi, can turn into an eagle
  • Boa Sandersonia and Boa Marigold with Hebi Hebi no Mi, can turn into snakes
  • Miss Merry Christmas with Mogu Mogu no Mi, can turn into a mole

Devil Fruit Logia 

Logia is the most difficult Devil Fruit to find, and allows the eater to turn into a substance or element. For example, solid elements such as sand, liquid substances such as syrup, gaseous substances such as smoke, even plasma or energy such as fire; and gain the ability possessed by these substances (lightning / electric type Logia can cross objects). This certainly makes them very strong because they cannot be easily touched with ordinary attacks.  

Characters that have the power of Logia:

  • Portgas D. Ace with Mera Mera no Mi, turns the body into fire
  • Smoker with Moku Moku no Mi, turning the body into smoke
  • Akainu with Magu Magu no Mi, turning the body into magma
  • Marshal D. Teach (Blackbeard) with Yami Yami no Mi, can control shadows and gravity
  • Enel with Goro Goro no Mi, can control lightning

Man-Made Devil Fruit

Besides being found in the wild, there are also some Devil Fruits made by Vegapunk and Donquixote Doflamingo. Referred to as "SMILE", this "fake" Devil Fruit was used by Kaido to create an army of Devil Fruit users.

Unlike the original Devil Fruits, they are shaped like apples and have a round shape, rather than being half-abstract.

Weaknesses of Eating Devil Fruits

But not only makes the eater become a magic mandraguna, Devil Fruits also have some weaknesses. Among others are:

  • It feels very bad, to the point that it's like drinking poison
  • So very weak when entering into sea water that can not move
  • Because it cannot move in water, devil fruit eaters can easily sink, be attacked under water, or even be pounced on by sea monsters
  • If you get hit by Seastone, the power of the Devil Fruit will disappear

Even though there are many kinds, some Devil Fruits have weaknesses against other fruits. 

Like Goro Goro no Mi Enel who does not work against Luffy and Gomu Gomu no Mi. Then Akainu's attack with Magu Magu no Mi proved effective against Ace and his Mera Mera no Mi.

And because the power gained from Devil Fruits is not always clear, it may be that eaters get useless power. Like the power of Silent Mute no Mi owned by Charlotte Cracker, if it can't be used properly why can make lots of biscuits?

That's more or less the profile of the Devil Fruit in One Piece,Friends. Approximately if you can eat Devil Fruit, what kind of fruit do you want?

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