Free Internet cheap for Myanmar MPT users 2020

Browsing the internet for free is always fun and one can take advantage to learn one or two things and as well chat with loved ones who are abroad without any expenditures. Here on this page, we have MPT Myanmar free internet cheat with Slow DNS VPN app. This internet trick is completely free and requires no special data bundle or airtime.

So, for this free internet trick, you will need to have;
  1. Downloaded and installed Slow DNS on your Android
  2. Have an MPT Myanmar SIM card with zero credits or data
  3. Your device should be properly configured to access the internet.

Configuring Slow DNS for MPT Myanmar free internet

MPT free internet cheap for Myanmar users 2020

  • Install Slows DNS VPN from here and launch. When it opens the main page, configure as follows;
    • Do not modify the username and password fields.
    • Server: select any free server of your choice from the list of servers available
    • DNS Server: or any fast TunnelGuru IP address
    • Choose TXT: Response not encoded
    • Set LPor t=  1150  and the RPor t= 180
    • Check the "Changing connection port" option as well as "Binary Query"
  • After performing all the above changes, turn on data connection from your device
  • Click the connect button and wait.
  • It will take a couple of seconds to connect
  • Enjoy.

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