[Free Course] WordPress for Beginners: Create unlimited Websites for Free

WordPress for Beginners: Create unlimited Websites for Free.

Create Your Blogs With Zero Experience Using WordPress In This Step By Step Guide
Do you want to create a websites but you don't know coding?, you are lucky because in this lessen i will show exactly how to make a website from scratch without needing to know how to code.
In this  course we will build a blog  step-by-step together and i will provide you with a free domainname service for 12 months. I'm also going to provide you with a lifetime free hosting service  so that you can start you online blog for Free.
you can always use a free theme and i will show you how to install it, in this course i will use a paid theme and i will also show you where to get it if you want it.
in these method you will not get a free SSL certificate  but you can always get a free one using a website called cloudflare.
About monetize your blog:
yes you can monetize your blog with ads, i will show you how i use this method to display amazon ads on my blog and it's supper easy.
you can use Adsense too if you wish.

Here's a summary of what we cover:
  • where to get Free domain name and how to register.
  • where to get Free hosting service and how to register.
  • how to install Wordpress
  • how to clean our default Wordpress
  • where and how to get the theme
  • how to customize you theme
  • where to get articles and how to post them
You Can Always contact me if you have a Question.

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