Download HTTP Injector for Windows, MacOS and Android [Updated 2020]

Download HTTP Injector for Windows, macOS, and Android [Updated 2020] from this page. This is one of the most used SSH/TCP Proxy tunneling VPN. HTTP Injector is a professional VPN tool to browse the Internet privately and securely with multiple protocols and tunneling technologies build into one app.

HTTP Injector (SSH/Proxy/VPN) features

  1. - Secure your connection using SSH or Shadowsocks tunnel
  2. - SSL/TLS tunneling is supported
  3. - DNS tunneling
  4. - No root access needed
  5. - Specify alternate proxy servers to send a request through
  6. - DNS Changer
  7. - Build-in SSH client
  8. - Build-in Shadowsocks client
  9. - Build-in Host Checker and IP Hunter
  10. - Payload Generator
  11. - Apps Filter
  12. - Support Android 4.0 to Android 10
  13. - Google DNS / DNS Proxy
  14. - Data Compression
  15. - Hotshare - Tether Unlock
  16. - Ability to change buffer size, etc

HTTP Injector Tunnel Types

  1. - HTTP Proxy + SSH
  2. - SSH
  3. - Shadowsocks
  4. - DNS Tunnel
  5. - SSL (TLS)

Provider Mode

  1. - Exported config is encrypted
  2. - Lock and protect the settings from users
  3. - Set custom message for a customer
  4. - Hardware ID lock*

How to use HTTP Injector VPN

  • Import config file created by other users (You can find it in your local group/group chats)
  • Or, you can open payload generator and press generate (no need to adjust settings) and select one of our servers to connect

HTTP Injector for Windows, macOS, and Android

Android and Windows PC users can easily download and use HTTP Injector. But if you are using macOS, you can only install the Android version after installing an Android emulator.

The best way to have HTTP Injector on your macOS is by installing PhoenixOS. You can install and run PhoenixOS in a USB HDD or in another partition on your main HDD(Dualboot). 

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