AnonyTun Free Internet Trick For Ghana 2020

AnonyTun Free Internet Trick For Ghana 2020

Browsing the internet for free is something everyone is looking for. Although our local ISPs may offer some special bundles at cheaper rates, it isn't always the case.

The best and most currently working cheat in Ghana is MTN cheat and just very few people are aware of this cheat. 

I’m not posting it here to cast it but to carry everyone along so the ball is now in your court to either hide this information or broadcast it.

Having said that, there are mainly two methods to enjoy free browsing in Ghana; through the Anonytun app. The former works for all networks in Ghana while the later works only for MTN GH.

What is required for this free internet cheat

  • Open the app and turn On Stealth Tunnel
  • Enter 443 for Connection Port
  • Turn on Custom TCP/HTTP Header
  • Tap on the Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Header and input the below data
  • URL/Host:
  • Request method: POST
  • Injection method: Normal
  • Under extra header tick Keep Alive, Online Host, User-Agent.
  • Now tap on the generate button to save your settings.
  • Then, just click save. You can now change the default server to the best performing region. Note that USA, The Netherlands, Germany, England, Belgium, Italy and Singapore are some of the best performing regions.
  • Now, after selecting your preferred region, click on CONNECT and your AnonyTun VPN should connect. You can then start browsing the web for free.


How to configure anonytun for Ghana free internet

Make sure you have subscribed to any bundle. Each bundle gives you free access to Facebook and in some cases non stop access to Telegram, WeChat and Snapchat.

  • Now, open anonytun and go to Stealth Settings.
  • Next, toggle on "Stealth tunnel" and set connection protocol as "SSL".
  • Use port 443 as connection port and then toggle on " Advanced SSL".
  • Under Advanced SSL, configure thus;
  • Spoof SNI Host: Tick
  • True SSL (Anti DPI): Don't Tick
  • Spoof Host: Port Tick
  • Spoof Host: or or or
  •  Spoof Port: 443

After this, save settings, head back to the main screen of anonytun, connect and enjoy.


If you have tried and tested all the tricks I posted in this article, you should be laughing by now but if after everything, it didn’t still work for you, just use the comment box below to ask questions and I will guide you more. Happy browsing!

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