How to Increase & Boost Reader Comments on your Blog?

How To Increase & Boost Reader Comments On Your Blog?

How to Increase & Boost Reader Comments on your Blog?
 Boost Reader Comments

There are best ways to use your comments to drive traffic to your blog or website post.

Every website owner wishes to get more comments. Site users that give feedback/comments are more likely to come back and also research for more and that gives you more website traffic. 

    Below you can find some techniques that proved helpful for Blog Tips as well.

    Get more Comments on your post by following the step-by-step tricks:

    1: Disable the Captcha in the comment system:

    Make it easy for visitors to comment/feedback on your website. The Captcha makes me do not comment on the post, even If the post is very good and helpful, is a blog or website with the complex commenting process. So it’s good to avoid a captcha system in your blog comment section.

    2: Display The New Comment First:

    Many visitors do not leave comments when they feel that their comments will get down after all other's comments. Offer your visitor good visibility of their comment by showing firstly. For setting goes to WordPress Than ‘Discussion’. And after that ‘Other comment settings’ select Newer’ on the bargain that starts with “Comments should be shown with…” (This the option may not activate on FBT).

    3: Always Give Response To Your Reader:

    Whenever I go to another blog comment section, I usually stop comments that reacted (respond) by the blog owner. Guests are more likely to leave a comment when they see that the blog owner is consistently responding to the person’s comments.

    4: Commenting On Other Websites:

    I am not saying to leave comments/feedback on Professional blogs or even Copy blogger. Do into others if you would have them do onto you. Give comments on the website which have the same website traffic as your website has and say the other website owners to do comment on your blog. It is an awesome technique to generate initial comments on a new blog + you would obtain an immediate reply/response. We are getting a lot more website traffic as well as comments on FBT via this process.

    5: Ask For Comment:

    Maybe the easiest and obvious technique. You can just ask for your guest post at the end of the post. Try out finish content with a question.

    6: Use The Commentluv Plugin:

    Out of all great plugins I most love CommentLuv plugin. It is a good method to give a surprise (do-follow URL/link to their website) to your visitors who leave comments on your blog. You may utilize the CommentLuv WordPress plugin or even an Intense Debate plugin which is built for BLOGSPOT. CommentLuv shows a link/URL to the last publish articles from the commenter's blog. There is not a good inspiration for site visitors to comment on then getting a URL/link to their website article.

    7: Always Ask The Questions At The End:

    Even if the post explains everything very easily, all the time try to add your opinion at the end. E.g. As you recommended some plugins state, ask the site visitors which of them you are using in your blog and also tell your site visitors which they are used.

    8: Make The Best Articles:

    I am all the time to try my best to share something special with my site visitors. At last, I noticed that every time I write about a special topic/niche or even like the perspective on popular niche/topic I get a lot more feedback. Build the efforts to generate exclusive and helpful articles and also your site visitors will make up you with comments.

    9: Ask For Addition & Offer A Link:

    One more easy technique is to list a topic and tell your site visitors, viewers, readers to share their methods. These are my techniques via which I have enhanced my website traffic a lot more.

    10. Keep Comment A Policy Page

    Your comment policy should, first of all, keep your readers' expectations well.

    Why do you need a comment policy page?

    every website and blog needs to have a comment privacy page because of the rules for who should tell the visitor because they need to know how to comment and which one outside their policy because clearly, visitors will understand. 

    Well what is your greatest technique to increase the variety of feedback on your website?
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