How To Do Find Archived mail in Gmail Inbox [2020]

How to Do Find Archived Mail in Gmail Inbox 2020

 How to Do Find Archived Mail in Gmail 2020

This tips you how to find a archived email on your Gmail or any email. Gmail should not store archived messages in its specific folder.

we will show you how to open your archived emails in Gmail. Gmail lets you archive your old email messages to avoid filling up your inbox, hiding them from view while keeping them on if you need to search them anytime.

You can find an old message by using the Search bar at a top of your Gmail account to search for it. In Gmail, you can click a buttonwith a box in the toolbar below the search bar in the received mail which has a down button on it. Press the button to archive the emails.

Archiving messages in your Gmail allows you to keep important client emails in your Inbox despite them displaying. Though, if you delete an email, it is not very clear where a message is going to, and that can be troublesome if you need to locate an archived message. Google doesn't store saved messages in its separate folder but instead transfers them to a tab generally used to view all messages in your email account. 

Tip#1: Sign in and Open Gmail,
Tip#2: Next try by opening the Gmail app and then you'll see the pop up menu at the left corner.

Tip#3: Or Click the "All emails" label in your Gmail account on the left-right side of the page. Click "More" to view multiple labels, when you see this label.

Tip#4: Identify the saved message among all the emails displayed. Google will show all the emails in the received order, and your archived message will not have an "Inbox" label added to it.

Tip#5: To view, it clicks on the attached message and view the files. Instead, click the message box to the left, then press "Return to Inbox" to return the message to your inbox from your archives history.

Tip#6: Check for mails that have been archived. The All Mail folder contains all the emails in your inbox, and also any emails that you've ever saved.

Thank you reading this tip. I hope you understand how to How to Find Archived Mail in Gmail