How To Create A Blog On in 2020

How To Create A Blog On in 2020

How to Create A Blog on Blogspot? :The Definitive Guide 2020 Blogspot provides a globe-famous, easy-to-publish platform. Without any technological skills, you can start publishing articles on a blogger blog which is the best blogging website to begin a profession in blogging.

If you're looking for free blog formation, my advice will be to start with and go more professional once he's used to blogging. BlogSpot lets you create a free blog with Definitive Guide, but as I stated below, creating a blog and making the blogger jump is a great idea for a beginner.

So start creating your blog. There are many online blogging sites to choose, say, Blog site, Wordpress or. However, I suggest using BlogSpot because it is a Google product, it has an advantage over other blog sites in your SEO. A guide on developing a blog on the BlogSpot platform is below.

How To Create A Free Blog On BlogSpot?

 #Step  1. Create a blog address on Blogger.
 #Step  2. On the left, click the Down arrow.
 #Step  3. Select New Blog Entering blog name.
 #Step  4. Choose a blog address URL.
 #Step  5. Choose a simple template simple.
 #Step  6. Then your XML template or bay XML template and upload (only XML file).
 #Step  7. Click Create blog.
 #Step  8. Write Your First Post. (Add images, videos, categories, and a unique your post).
#Step  9.  Create a contact page.
#Step10. Create about page.
#Step11. Create a privacy policy page.
#Step12. Create a disclaimer page.
#Step13. Create your blogger sitemap.

If you're making a blog for free, my advice is to start blogging with Blogger (or BlogSpot) can be a free experience through Google's blogging site. My view is that it is a perfect site for beginning bloggers who may be unclear on whether they will accept lengthy-term blogging, or may be unable (or unwilling) will cost for hosting blogs.

BlogSpot is Google-powered blogging website. It gives you the freedom to start a blog, but Picasa site (also part of Google) will host all your photos.  BlogSpot, how about a Google-centric blogging site during that time. This post is directed to the "newbies" who are new to blogging and would also like to read through the process of learning the basic step.

Easy Steps to Create a Blog on Blogspot/Google Blogger

    The blogger is Google's platform to make free blogs, is among the most commonly used in the globe and you will have a professional blog that works with the platform. Of example, if you really want to create a successful blog, other choices are great but Blogger is the best online platform, but also earning money and just being easier to communicate around and get like to.

    Blogs of different styles and niche can be made, there are several choices to the user's liking, including fashion blogs to technology blogs. If you went on to make a free blog then I find BlogSpot is the beginner's best site. Likewise, if you should be doing a paid edition, or a successful blog or website, I'd recommend you should create a

    There are many famous websites providing blogging services eg: Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr, etc.  Without any technical skill, you can start publishing content on a blogger blog that is the best blogging platform to start a beginning blogging career. if you are looking for free blog creation, my suggestion would start from or and once he is used to blogging, he should go more professional. BlogSpot lets you create a free blog but limitation but as i mentioned above, for a starter it is a good idea to create a blog and get the hitch of blogging. Start the BlogSpot blog just follows the below 

    This Guide Step-by-step to Creating a Free Blog in BlogSpot:

    1. Fast Create A Google Account

    After creating yourself a satisfactory Gmail account, you go to Blogger, log in with the g-mail account you just created, and you will see BlogSpot interface like this. 
    ✅Log in BlogSpot
    ✅Select new blog to start configuring a simple blog.
    ✅Interface to create a new blog.

    Create A Gmail Account Must Be For You Blog.

    1. To create a blogger blog you need to have a Google account that is nothing but a Gmail account. If you don’t have.
    2. To create a blogger blog you need to have a Google account that is nothing but a Gmail account. If you don’t have.
    3. one then create a Gmail account if it asks to create Google+  profile just do it because Google+ profile is very important for running a blogger blog.2- Once you create a Gmail account. Just go to and login with your Google (Gmail) account.

    •How many blogs can you make using a Gmail Address on

     A User Can Have Up To 100 Blogs Per Email Account,,

    Probably the next blogger may ask to confirm your Google+ profile will be the author of your published posts. Finally continue to hit blogger. In the next window hit the new blog to create a blogger blog.

    Firstly, You create a blogger blog first all of you create a Gmail account must be.
    Your Gmail id is going to be used as your E-mail id and Google all service login id. Your E-mail id is going to be us like this your-blogger If how do I create a Gmail Account?

    Hi visitor as we all know Gmail is extremely hottest Email service provider in World 😮

    To use any Google service we'd like a Gmail account and it’s very easy to make a Gmail account now we find out how to make a Gmail account.

    If you're logged in google account , click the "click new blog" button or click this button to let it go directly there: Create a free blog.

    1st step for creating a Gmail account attend after reach to Press the Create an Account Button it’s right side within the ( see image below)

    After Clicking create an account button a form fill be open. Just refill complete form and choose your Gmail id.

    1. Go to and log in using your creating Google account.
    2. You can create one free of charge.

    Once you're logged in, click on “new blog” or click on this link to directly go there: Create a free blog.

    2. Create Your Blog URL Name and Title

    How To Create BlogSpot A URL?

    1. The first thing you need to do is add a name and select your domain.
    2. Avoid using your name as a domain name and instead, use the generic domain name that you can brand later on with your custom domain. 
    3. If you want to create a blogger, blog on blogger tips then the Address Could be or and the title can be Best blogger tips Blog.

    First, you would need to provide the title and address of your website. For example, You know that since these domain names are completely free, they would be subdomain with by default. BlogSpot, also provides us always the option of having custom domain names and you can change anytime any reason.

    If the goal of your blog is to make money and to have a blog that is professional in appearance, I would recommend that you create your blog using a paid blogger theme. It is easy, and with the help of our exclusive free blogger guide, you can create your blog in the next few minutes. Step-by-step Guide to Creating a Free Blog on Blogger (BlogSpot) platform:

    The domain name must be unique and simple so there are chances that the domain name you want to choose is already registered. In that case, I got to need to try a special name until unless the blue tick gets appeared at the proper side of the Address URL as shown below.

    You can then select a blog template (you can theme change it anytime), and click on place “Create Blog”.

    In this section, there are 3 things for you to do: enter the blog title you want to display, enter the desired URL address and choose a template for the blog (this section you can later change to a template you set yourself. design or a free template that is nicer than the original classic interface). Then click Create blog! .Complete the blog creation step and you already have a blog for yourself. Now start posting on the blog.

    Now your blogger blog is successfully created, but a completely not finished yet. Your blog has been created you can start posting now. Therefore, your blog is almost ready and you can start writing posts. Though there are, many settings that you need to do before you start writing posts.

    3. Add/Write Pre-launch New Blog Posts And Pages.

    You are now on the blogger dashboard where you will see your blog’s again. From here you can go to “Settings” and make changes to upgrade your blog’s new blog.
    From here you'll click on “Posts” “New post” and begin writing your very first blog post. Create a unique fast post for your site.

    But before you write your first writing, I would recommend that you go to “Pages” and create at least one “Blog About” page explaining who you are and what your blog is about.

    Here I have organized a list of free BlogSpot templates that you can download and install on your blog. Alternatively, you'll attend “Settings
    Template” and alter the template from there.

    On this page, you can also add a logo to the header of your BlogSpot blog, add features various and remove various other unnecessary features.

    4. Upload A Blogger Template.

    How To Choose a Free Blogger Template

    How to choose a blogger template Blogs and the activity of blogging became popular. Many blogging platforms exist today with each one offering different characteristics and costs. Blogger is a free blogging platform owned by Google which allows a user to set up a free blogging account. 

    Your blog can be tailored to meet a user's needs in both functionality and overall design. A template controls the blog content’s physical arrangement and display. The template is the HTML code that controls how the information will be displayed on the blog.

    Users with strong technical skills can edit this code or write entirely new code. For users with less technical skill, many Blogger templates exist. Before downloading a free Blogger template, several considerations should be reviewed.

    Choice A Blogger Template Paid Or Free For Your Blog

    Before selecting a Blogger template, consider the type of content and focus of the blog. Understanding how the blog will be used and the image it should portray will be important in deciding which blog template is best.

    1. Visual Look of Blog.

    Visual Look of Blog - A blog's aesthetic or visual look will determine how readers respond to it. If a blog's design features dark colors and anime-inspired graphics, it may harshly contrast and not work well for someone who seeks to write about parenting and child development. Consider appropriate colors, graphics, and overall design that closely match the content of a blog.

    2. Layout and Content Arrangement

    Layout and Content Arrangement - A blog's physical arrangement of content is also a top consideration. Blog templates now come in a wide array of formats typically ranging from one to four columns. The blog posts are usually in the largest column but can be arranged to the left, center, or right depending on the design. Identifying what other types of content will appear on the blog will help to understand how many extra columns are necessary.

     3.Supported Functionality.

    Supported Functionality - Blogger provides a list of functionality that can be added to any blog. Some blog templates provide additional custom functionality or create spaces for specific content to appear. A blogger seeking to display advertising may seek a Blogger template that comes prepared with areas pre-specified for standard advertising units to display.

    One of the most important and often overlooked considerations is from where the Blogger template is coming. Blogger provides a basic set of free templates but many more templates are available through searching online. While these templates may seem like a bargain, it's best to consider templates which have a specified owner who will provide support for questions on installing and updating the template. When using an anonymous free template, it may not function correctly or may require updates at some point in the future.

    Blogger provides a set of free templates that can be used. Once an account is created with Blogger, a user is given access to a dashboard allowing for customization of the blog. To select a different Blogger template at any time, a user can do so by selecting the "Theme" dashboard tab, then selecting "Pick New Template" from the sub-menu.

    How To Install Blogger Template?

    From the Pick New Template menu, a user can select from 16 blog designs with a variety of color schemes and layouts. The desired template is selected and then the "Save Template" button is selected. The new blog template will now power the blog.

    How To Upload A Custom Blogger Template?

    Once a custom Blogger template is identified on the interest, it should be downloaded to the user's computer. Before uploading it to Blogger, make sure to first download the existing template being used in case it is needed in the future.
    Select the "Layout" dashboard tab, and then select "Edit HTML." From this sub-menu, select the link "Download Full Template

    Once the existing template is safely downloaded, the "Browse" button shown on the sub-menu page is used to search the user's computer for the new Blogger template that will be used. Once selected, the "Upload" button is click to import the new template design. The new template will now power the blog.

    Easy To Change a Blogger Template

    Blogger provides an easy to use dashboard that allows a user to quickly change from one template to another. Whether using a Blogger provided template or seeking to use a free template, consider first the function and overall design the blog should portray. By following the steps above, a new template that perfectly matches the blog content can be changed in a matter of minutes.

    5. Add Favicon In Your Blogger Blog

    Hey, visitors as we know favicon create your site appealing and using it as our logo icon you are indeed known as the URL icon, bookmark icon, or shortcut icon first we have to to try to apply favicon to blogger.

    How to add Favicon on Blogger Blog

    Just follow the below steps.
    Step1. Select your blog in which blog you want to add the favicon
    Step2. Now Select Layout Option
    Step3. There is a favicon option in the left side of the top (see in below image) icon save.
    Step4. Now just Click Edit option and browse the favicon image it should be in square and 16×16, 32×32 or 64×64 pixel after selecting the icon to save this
    Step5. You have done it.
    Step6. Now you can see your favicon in near of address bar before check your favicon in the address bar you need to delete your all browser history and cookies.                                                                    

    Make Money from BlogSpot Blog

    Do you know you can earn money with your blogs? Now I’m going to tell you how you can earn money with your blogs.
    There are many ways to earn money with blogs but in this article, we will talk about the most popular and easy way
    Google AdSense- Friends Google AdSense is the most popular way to earn money by blogs this provides us ads for show ads on our blogs and it’s paying us some profit when someone is available our blog and click on ads.
    You need a blog with good content for apply Google Adsense to account Just Go to Google Adsense sign up page click to Create account fill a full form and submit.

    How To Start blog With AdSense?

    Once you have a few blog posts up and running, Earn Money from the blog. Now everything is set up perfectly your blog. You can start blogging and once you start getting a satisfactory amount of traffic to your blogger blog, you can apply for your blog Adsense right away from your Blogspot dashboard.
    Can attend “Settings  Earnings” and enable AdSense for your blog. This will allow you to earn money from your free BlogSpot blogger blog.

    Benefit Of Google AdSense.

    It’s providing us ads as per our blog topic. Its pay minimum 100$ once you're earning reach 100$ it sends you a cheque. Here is no limit to earning.
    I started my blogging with BlogSpot. If you would like to require the more professional route right from the start, you'll always ask my WordPress Beginner guide.

    Blogging Introduction | Blogger Developers

    If you are passionate about writing then you can easily earn with the blogging online by sitting at home. The blogs are very important for the business owners to attach them to the website and then they can generate the relevant traffic through the blog to the website. Nowadays the social networking sites have a separate community for the blogging personnel. Apart from having the business-oriented blogs you can also start a personal blog to spill out your ramblings that cannot be shared with the person directly, this keeps you feel free and then some people on the web will read your thoughts and comment on it. The blogger and the Word press are the commonly used free blogging service providers.

    Blogging for Internet Marketing

    You can run a healthy debate in your blog with an interesting topic. The blogging template is available online so that you can change the settings and customize them accordingly. Some of the tips for making blogging popular are

    • choose the niche topic and make research on it before starting the blog.
    • Try to make at least one blog post each day
    • Make the content informative and unique
    • Make sure that your writing is about the recent news of the innovations
    • Guest blogging is getting popular and it is the best method for making your site stand apart.

    If you want to make money with your blogs then they must be search engine friendly and for this optimizing, the website is important.

    Top 10 Blogging Tips for new blogger

    #Tips 1. Keep a reminder to Blog regularly. We could not say enough how important it is, to update your blog as often as you can. This makes your readers come back for more .
    #Tips 2. Make your blogs to Stand Out from the rest. Have a name that will stand out from the rest. Because every website now has started to create weblogs, the readers must remember your name.
     #Tips 3. Use keywords as much as you can. Remember that most search engines like Google take keywords very seriously. Because of the more your keywords, the better the chances of your blog appearing in search results.
    #Tips 4. Author Biographies. Readers need to know about the blogger. Give them information about who is posting this blog, information like your name, company, the reason for blogs, what you do for a living e.t.c. Very Important.
    #Tips 5. Proof-reading what you have written.  My boss always tells me about this... proofread for typos, grammar errors and spelling mistakes. Before you post blogs make sure everything is in good reading English.
    #Tips 6. Write in short sentences. Try to fit everything you want to say in short sentences as possible as you can because no reader will want to read along and no point blog.
    #Tips 7. Use a clear and good headline. A headline is what will make the readers want to read your blog, if it's good and clear and they find what they are looking for in the heading, you have worn. But do not mislead your readers!
    #Tips 8.  Make Links more often. Links give credibility to what you have posted. Linking to other blogs and websites also helps build a network with other websites.
    #Tips 9. Be informed. Stay with the current news, be informed about the information you post to readers. And always double-check your facts, make sure what you blog is what people are talking about lately and would like to know about. Don't blog the news that people already know about, old news is no longer news, see it as if you are writing a press release.
    #Tips 10. Always keep in mind that a blog is a tool that enables people with different tastes to come together and explore the creativity within them. Blogs give them a voice to their views and expression that craves an outlet.

    Why Starting Your Blog is good for Your Business?

    Blogging has become an avenue for aspiring writers and journalists to show off their writing prowess to the world at little or no cost at all. This has allowed them to share their thoughts, memories, and plans quickly and easily to people around the globe. But aspiring authors are not the only ones who can benefit from a blog. Business owners, too, can take advantage of blogging to leverage the products and services they want to promote.
    Starting your blog has many benefits, especially if you are planning to promote your business online, or if you are earning through affiliate marketing. Here are just a couple of reasons why starting your blog is crucial in Internet marketing:

    1. Blogs Are Cost-Efficient.

    Blogs are cost-efficient – Building a website entails a lot of costs, from buying your domain to purchasing tools and programs to ensure that your website is up and running. Also, you need to buy other tools to ensure that your website is optimized for search engines.
    Starting your blog, on the other hand, entails little or no cost at all. There are a lot of blogging services that allow you to create your blogs for free. One such example is

    2. They’re Easy To Set Up.

    They’re easy to set up – Starting your blog does not involve much rocket science or at least some expertise in a programming language. Some of the blogging services come with various tools that allow you to upload images, videos or even Flash content easily with a few clicks of the mouse button, allowing you to post content easily in just a few minutes. They’re also very easy to organize as your posts are automatically categorized by date and tags. They even come with a built-in search function.
    So if you know how to send an email, then chances are, you know how to start your blog.

    3. Takes Away The Guess work In Optimizing For Search Engines.

    You no longer have to waste so much time and effort in optimizing your blog for search engines, as most of the blogging services already have it covered for you. Blogs automatically link your posts together, allowing search engine spiders to find, crawl and index your entire blog. Blogs also make use of your relevant keywords to help you make them rank high in search engines.

    4. Increase your online footprint.

     Increase your online footprint – as blogs are indexed in search engines rather quickly, you already establish great visibility online with little or no effort on your pa

    5. Blogs are an instant community.

    Blogs are an instant community – blogs come with a commenting system, allowing you to interact with your readers easily and discuss various topics.

    6. Easy to share with various social networking sites

    Easy to share with various social networking sites – Most blogs already come with share options to Facebook and Twitter, allowing your readers to share your content with their own Facebook or Twitter account thus increasing backlinks to your website.

    7. Starting your blog gives you a chance to become an expert in your chosen niche

    If you write relevant and helpful content, you can establish yourself as an authority figure on your chosen niche. This can improve your reputation online, thus gaining the trust of your potential customers and increasing the likelihood of gaining more profit.

    While starting your blog is an easy and cost-effective way of leveraging your business, it also entails a lot of effort and commitment to maintaining. Keeping it constantly updated (at least once a week) is a must if you want to maintain the interest of your readers and potential customers. But if done with passion, it will all be worth it.

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