How To Add Zoom Effect For Images To Blogger

How To Add Zoom Effect For Images To Blogger

How To Add Zoom Effect For Images To Blogger

The Photo Zoom Effect applies overt movements to the still images. This helps it to live and giving your site a much more creative look.

Need to apply an online shop to BlogSpot like amplifying picture zoom? Zooming images help users to see features in a normal-looking photo that they should not see deeply. In this post, we'll show you how BlogSpot can easily add zoom lens zoom to pictures.

Have your BlogSpot a store online but don't have a blogger picture zoom effect plugin. You can use these codes in your BlogSpot online shop or any niche blog.

Step 1. Log in to your dashboard layout " Edit HTML"
Step 2. Click on “Expand Widget Templates”
Step 3. Scroll down to where you see </head> tag.
Step 4. Now add below code before </head> tag.

Step 5.Now replace the <body> tag with <body onload=’setupZoom()’>

NOTE: If in your template already has <body onload=”setupZoom()”> code instead <body> tag ,skip this step.

Step 6. Now save your template.

You have already added a zoom effect for images. Butt on zoom image you have to use this new form :

<a href=”Image link”><img src=”Image link” width=”200″ border=”0″ height=”200″ />

You must replace ‘Image link’ with your real URL of image. You can change Height, Weight

It will look like this elegant. See and Click on the picture to see an effect.

Read this: When you add this effect inside post if come HTML errors, check the box ‘Stop showing HTML errors for the body of this post’ and publish your post. Good Luck.