Cmax v2.0: A software that Hijacks Wimax Accounts!

Cmax v2.0: A software that Hijacks Wimax Accounts!

Cmax v2.0: A software that Hijacks Wimax Accounts!

What is Cmax v2.0?

This popular Cmax v2.0 is small program written in Batch, created in 2017 by a Cameroonian called Théone then updated in 2018 with the help of Gostar who is equally Cameroonian. This software became popular when there was a need for Free Unlimited Internet with Wimax.

How it Works?

Once launched, you just need to enter the desired command being 2 then selecting the comptes.txt file and wait for it to turn yellow then you are connected.

Features Of Cmax v2.0

  1. Scan for working Accounts and save them to a file to be used later
  2. Ping and return connection status when available
  3. Filter out dead accounts from working accounts
  4. Facilitate connection to working accounts
  5. Browse unlimitedly when finally connected.

How does Cmax v2.0 hijacks WIMAX accounts?

This step is very crucial and technical as the developers use advance technology to prevent connected users to notice anything at all. The steps include:
  • Step 1: When you connected, a log file is created in this format %os% %computername% “%username%” %date% %time%
  • Step 2: It uses Blat to anonymously send the created log file + your working WiMAX accounts to their email
  • Step 3: Once done, the log file is immediately deleted before you can even notice
  • Step 4: If your %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%==x86 then it invokes a Powershell virus hijack command using an encoded base64 string

Does Cmax v2.0 Contain Viruses and Trojans?

Yes, absolutely and it can even go as far as copying your saved browser passwords. You may have to install and run a good antivirus scan like Spyhunter and Nod32 in other to be on a safe side. Cmax v2.0.exe is highly infected with Trojan and maybe Syswin Virus

How to uninstall Cmax v2.0.exe?

If you wish to Uninstall Cmax v2.0.exe, then do the following:
  • Step 1: Download and install Iobit Uninstaller
  • Step 2: Launch and run and registry scan on your Computer
  • Step 3: Delete any unknown registry you find abnormal
  • Step 4: Scan your computer fully for any system corruption
  • Step 5: Completely delete Cmax v2.0.exe from your system

Download Cmax v2.0 decompiled file

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