8 Easy Way's Should You Start A Blog In 2020?

8 Easy Way's Should You Start A Blog In 2020? 

How to start a blog 2020
Are you an online business or blog?

Are you an individual who wants to start a blog?. OR maybe you just want to make money online from your blog and website.

It is easy to understand you how to start a blog and how to create a blog website is very easy and step by step through this post.

If that is the case then you have been landed just in the right place because I am going to show you how you can do all the above-mentioned things using the power of BLOGS. Blogs are great for creating influential relationships.

There was a time when you talk about blogging and people would say “What the heck is a blog?” and now because the completely online world has changed they say “What do you mean that you don’t have a blog”.

As you can see that, the question has been completely changed and today blogging is something that everyone is doing and at least starting to be doing and if you are one of those who want to start their blog and make money with it then these tips are going to be most important to you. Already I detailed a post before going to Create a profitable blog 2020

Hi This I A Easy To Short Guide Free Beginners “How To Start A Blog 2020”   


    1. Choose your Niche

    Now the technical stuff is taken care of(domain, hosting and WordPress).
    It is time to move on to the real stuff like what topic you are going to choose and what niche you are going to write about. choose a niche that you are already interested in because then creating content for your blog will be easy for you as you are already interested in that niche and you know pretty much about that already.

    2. Choice a Domain

    Before you start your blog, you need to take care of some important stuff like your domain name and hosting. A domain is where a website will be accessible for people to visit on the internet. You can buy .com, .net, .org, .info or .biz but i prefer the .com Buy your domain from bluehost.com or siteground.com because these two are the best providers. One important thing to look for when buying your domain is to buy a keyword-rich name or a name that represents your brand.

    3. Choice a Hosting provider

    Just like a domain name, Hosting is something that you need to start your blog or a website. Hosting is necessary because without hosting your website will not be online for anyone to visit. you can buy hosting from HostGator or Bluehost. These 2 are simply the best when it comes to hosting and speed.

    4. WordPress

    Finally, you need WordPress as your blogging software. After setting up your hosting and pointing your domain to your hosting account the only one-step that is left is to install WordPress and some important plugins and a theme for your blog.

    5. Find Inspiration

    After choosing your niche, now it is time for you to find inspiration about your niche so for example if you choose, health and fitness as your niche then go out there and read blogs that are related to health and fitness and get ideas about your content.
    Read these blogs daily and read books about your niche. Subscribe to their newsletters if they offer one. This way soon, you will be able to create content for your blog that will be unique to your voice.

    6. Create a Writing Schedule

    From now on you should be able to start writing and creating content for your blog but what most important is that you should create a writing schedule and then stick with your schedule. Here are some options for you.
    Are you going to write 1 blog post a day?
    OR you can write one post in 3 days or one in 4 days.
    you can write one post a week.
    Choose whatever works best for you but once you have chosen your schedule then stick with it and don’t break it cause it will hurt your writing. For scheduling your posts, you will need a plugin called editorial calendar plugin for WordPress.

    7. Promote your content

    Creating good and compelling content is only one part of the puzzle and if you put all your efforts just into creating content then it will do no good for you.
    The other side of the puzzle is to promote your content on the internet at related places. Here’s social media comes in to play and all other Search engine optimization techniques are to be considered. These are some links for you to know more about content promotion and getting traffic to your blogs.

    8. Monetize your blog

    Now it is time to make some money with your blog. First of all, you can make money with your blog only if you are getting traffic to your blog and most importantly targeted traffic to your blog which involves the content promotion strategy that I outlined above. If you are getting traffic then there are options for you to monetize your blog through following methods.

    Google AdSense. (How to make money through AdSense)

    Direct ad space sales. (You can charge advertisers to pay you for showing their ads on your site.)


    In reading, all this may make no sense to you but this is exactly what I did to start my blogs and you can do the same. After all it comes down to this “Action always beats inaction” so go out there and create your first blog if you want to.
    So what do you think about blogging and how it can affect our lives? let me know in the comments below. Share the knowledge with your friends on social media.DO you want me to write about something? Let me know.