21 Blogging Tips For Beginners In 2020 To Start Blogging

  1. 21 Blogging Tips For Beginners In 2020 { Start Blogging }

Blogging Tips for Beginners

Are you thinking to be a blogger? 

Trying to gain your blog online? using Blogging is a platform, which has given you a chance to unroll your passion into your career. 

You have the freedom to be a publisher, be it you want to entertain others, or give useful tips from your inner skills. 

However, like any other platform, becoming a successful writer, needs patience, hard work, and strong determination. 

Apart from being a skilled writer, you also need to know the tact of reaching your audience.

    My readers about uncertainties in blogging career have often questioned me. “Can I become rich by blogging”, “Does blogging work?”, “Can I make a living by blogging?” are the most common queries which people specifically newbies ask me. 

    Well, I always tell my readers to ask your inner self, before choosing blogging as your career. 

    Honestly, if you ask me whether blogging works or not; my answer is, blogging only works if you want it to work. 

    I have seen many bloggers who make a decent living by being a blogger, whereas in contrast, many who are not even able to make a penny out of blogging.

    Sometimes new bloggers get confused by their fellow bloggers, when a person wants to start a blog, most of the time inspiration comes from the earnings of Pro Bloggers. 

    Its true bloggers can inspire anyone within a few minutes to start a blog, but starting a blog doesn’t mean that you will earn.

    There is a thin line of difference between successful and unsuccessful blogging and that is your intention. 

    I utterly believe that the main reason behind a failed blog is how you have perceived it. 

    If you started blogging by mirroring yourself in the shoes of others, with an intention that, you will be rich overnight, and then it is your fault. 

    On the flip side, if you have started blogging out of your passion and money is your second priority, then you are on the right track. 

    I am writing some of the important tips if you are a newbie and thinking to be a blogger. 

    You should consider these steps to avoid some common mistakes, which most of the newbies tend to make.

    21 Useful Mind Blowing Blogging Tips For Newbies To Increase Your Blogging Knowledge.

    1. Choosing A Right Niche

    Some of the biggest mistakes, which we often make is thinking that only some niches work and others not. 

    I would say that nothing is out there, which doesn’t work. So, Choose only a niche in which your passion lies. A blogger only gets popular when he writes good depth quality content. 

    Therefore, choose the topic, which captivates your heart. The words will flow automatically through your head, coated with abundant knowledge about the subject (your passion).

    2. Niche-Building

    Go out there and explore the current needs of the market. Look for loopholes in current situations like weight loss and anti-aging, or certain gaps in popular product lines. 

    Only do not just focus on social networks like Facebook,Twitter or Pinterest. Go beyond a singular “high risk” platform to obtain more chances of succeeding.

    3. Engagement with Your Audience

    If you are writing anything, just for the heck of it, then you are at fault. Blogging is more of a live interacting medium between you and your readers. 

    You should be expressed in your blogs.

    A famous writer creates an illusionary real and entertaining world, which hypnotizes the reader’s soul and heart. 

    Always remember, ‘There is no bad, instead there is bad literature’. If you are creating a space in the hearts of your audience through you your words, then success is just a step away.

    4. Read A Lot

    Read a lot. “Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in a world, a door opens to allow more light”, said; the popular name in the world of literature is convincingly true. 

    Make sure to only read the quality stuff. 

    Always remember the formula, ‘You read excel-you write excellent’. Furthermore, reading the topics under your niche will reinforce your skills to become a terrific blogger. 

    Well, depth and the intuitive article comes from your deep research and learning about a specific topic.

    5. Never Plagiarize

    Always be honest with yourself not to take any shortcuts by breaching the ethics of writing. 

    Thinking of taking shortcuts just cuts the link between you and your dreams. Many newbie unskilled writers start blogging with the self-centered motive of making money online. 

    Hardly knowing a tweak about the script, they just copy someone else’s work and put them under their name. 

    This bustle never lets them reach anywhere but to bring shame to them in the long run. Being honest is the key to triumph.

    6. Strong Determination and Patience

    You should be patient and determined to write. 

    Never ever let yourself the victim of negative distractions. 

    Initially, you may be criticized for some of your blogs. 

    Never be the prey of your detractors. Stay put and motivated. Soon you will be driving on the road to victory. 

    Push your limits to the extreme and that’s how you become limitless.

    7. Foster Authorship

    Be the expert that everyone wanted. 

    You can do so by building a professional website showcasing your “expertise.” 

    Build on trust and confidence. 

    In the online world of business, trustworthiness and reliability go beyond any formal certification or degree.

    8. Automate

    Make use of new technologies. People look for convenience when shopping for products or goods online as well as in gathering solutions to their issues. 

    There is a vast supply of online tools that you can use to aid in this need. 

    Website forums, automated order, and delivery protocols secured yet user-friendly payment system, and other customized solution will help generate revenue for your business 24/7 year-round.

    9. Outsource

    Outsourcing is one key element in a cost-efficient online business. 

    Tap virtual assistants online. Sites like iWriter or odeskwork or upwork.com are great sources of staff with specialized skills in accounting, database management, Webhosting, article writing, and so on. 

    Try to delegate ministerial functions while you concentrate on the core competencies of your business.

    10. Connect and Link

    Reach out and foster a connection with your online audience. 

    Hear out their sentiments in building much credible content for your website. 

    Product reviews, blog comments, discussion boards, testimonials and case studies are great sources of information for you to bank on.

    11. Scalability

    Adapt successfully to increasing demands. 

    Finding a lucrative niche, build your authorship around it and infuse this with a proactive system via automation. 

    Make use of customer feedback to create successful promotion tactics and achieve sure success.

    12. Finding Sustainable Means

    Look for a sustainable way to earn money. 

    Do not rely on a single productivity scheme. Look for ways that will generate recurring revenues for your business. 

    Make use of renewable subscriptions and other sustainable point-of-sales. Develop a stable and enduring customer base via sustainable efforts like newsletters, advice or support.

    13. Getting To Know Your Community

    So I guess you are ready for some strategies?

    Well. here we go. 

    I think one of the basic strategies for blogging is to follow other bloggers and get a feel for what it is like to blog. 

    I follow several blogs and each has its very own unique style and information. SEOMoz is my favorite for search engine optimization information and learning some of the latest skills. 

    My other is Problogger with Darren Rowse. This guy knows his stuff!

    Follow and connect with blogs that have to do with your specific niche. 

    If you are a photographer and are trying to figure out where to start, look at other photo blogs. 

    If you are into sports, the outdoors or even the theater, search out those in your specific niche and see what they are doing effectively.

    14. Content Creation

    Becoming a content creating a monster is your objective. 

    For any beginner to online marketing and especially blogging, there is no real way to get around the effort and time it takes to be successful here. 

    Many do look for quick fixes to content creation, but if you look around…you will not find them and if you do, it will not be for long.

    You have to learn how to create content and not only words and links slapped on a post, but content that matters. 

    Content that matters is search engine friendly and people-friendly. Without solid quality content, why would I subscribe to YOU?

    One important part about the learning curve is that it is not all that time consuming or difficult. 

    Also, once you begin to learn, APPLY! This is the one tip that leads to success almost every time. 

    Most will quit before they even begin, but you will stay your course and follow-through, this is success online for the beginner.

    15. The Social Connection

    Today more than ever, and it will continually grow, social metrics are playing a role in your visibility online. 

    Most everyone today, even beginners to blogging, has been micro blogging for some time now. 

    Think about it, Twitter, Facebook and the ever-growing Google items you have already been blogging.

    Your blogging efforts need to be shared and you need to be a part of that community actively. 

    Now I do not mean herding cats on Facebook, in fact I am not a fan of Facebook. What I mean to say here, is that we need to be actively posting our content to our social sites and proactively sharing them in a NICE WAY.

    Blogs are the largest and most effective social media platforms online, still. We should however, make sure we include other social media platforms beyond the likes of Facebook and into social bookmarking. 

    Simple bookmarking strategies, although overrated as far as link juice is concerned, are still vital to spreading the news about your blog and brand for that matter.

    16. Write for Readers

    Google is the number one search engine so everyone always tries to impress Google, but they never think that their readers read their blog, not by Google, Google is the only way to get some readers, if you write for your readers, you will find better results from Google search. 

    Google loves those blogs who love their readers, so write for your readers, not for anyone else, and just make sure you are writing what your users want from you, you can solve their queries regarding their problems and suggestions.

    17. Show Your Passion

    Never choose your blog niche without any research; 

    if you will land in the wrong niche then you will face many problems in the future, the most important rule to start a blog, “Select Niche by your Passion”. 

    If you select a niche because your friend is earning from that, so you are wrong that is your friend’s passion and he is doing well in that, find your passion and start a blog on that.

    18. Do Research before Writing

    Most of the bloggers just start writing without any research or concepts, newbies think that number of post matters in blogging, but the truth is quality matters numbers does not matter, you can get huge traffic from one post if you write well.

    Always choose your post wisely to get the benefits of uniqueness, if you write the same post which has been already published somewhere then you will not get anything.

    19. Invite Guest Authors

    Your blog is your community, so invite people to be a part of your blog and write posts for other blogs. 

    Always try to make your blog more engaging; you can create a write for us page to get attention or to invite your readers. 

    If you are managing email list then you can shoot an email to all your readers so they can be a part of your blog as a contributor.

    20. Take part in Discussions

    When you read or write a good post you will see lots of comments and suggestions, that is the magic of blogging when you interact with other bloggers in the comment section of your blog or in others blog then you build a relationship with other bloggers, which gives you positive results for you and your blog.

    21. Mention other and Get Exposure

    Mentioning others is a good way to speed up your blog when you mention someone in your post then that person will share your post or you can take interviews or simply mention posts of bloggers this will improve your social exposure that is very important for your new blog.

    These are the most common and important things which you need to learn or apply to your blog, blogging is an ongoing process so you need to implement these tips every time no matter you are new or pro blogger.

    Following and finding favorite blogs is a great way to not only see what others are doing technically, but also see how they are truly connecting with their traffic and or, subscribers.

    Let us know what do you think about this Blogging Tips for Beginners Guide