What Are The Most Common Problems With Guest Blogging?

What Are The Most Common Problems With Guest Blogging?


The Most Common Problems With Guest Blogging - Guest blogging can be a problem if the right tools are not used to create the best articles and materials for the blogger. There are a number of rules you should follow so as keep safe from any of these common mistakes that people make when guest blogging. For someone to accept your post or article on their blog, there are some common mistakes that people make and some not so common that you will need to deal with before submission.

Go through the Guidelines

Before writing, you will need to look at the blog you want to write for. Most of the people will just glance at the blog’s topic and interest and start writing without considering what the blogger wants. You will be surprised to learn that the rules and the guidelines for the type of post the blog wants are on the same site. Find out what kind of material they want for their blog to avoid some of these guest blogging problems. This will also feature the format and preferences of the blog when it comes to the length of the articles. Do not be surprised if your work is rejected even when you believe it is the best in quality. Some bloggers and blogs are very strict about these and will go to the extent of creating a page for this specific purpose. Only those that suit the specifications are accepted.

Quality over Quantity

Take time to create some really good work. In as much as you need a lot of posts to garner presence. You would rather write a few that are of good quality. Quality posts will also garner for you reputation as opposed to many shallow ones. The fact that you are posting your work on a high quality blog should give you the warning signs that you need to be more careful about your work. Take time to improve your writing and make your work very interesting. You will learn over time that one well written article could cause more ripples than a number badly written. The fact that blogging comes with quantity should not mislead you to making this common mistake. Take time to research your work and write, proof read before submission for the best work for the post. People will visit blogs for the purpose of the content in the sites and blogs. The blogger will never jeopardize this with Google breathing down high ranking blogs administrator’s necks and sites to drop them from high rankings due to lack of good content.

Write more

This may seem contradictory to the previous point, but it is not. After you write good material, improve in your numbers for them. The two have to go hand in hand. The reason it is an issue is that many people forget about the quality when writing guest posts. This is a common mistake creating one of the biggest problem in guest blogging. Write a number of good quality guest posts and save them. This will garner you even more support and will have the bloggers more interested in you. It is not rare to see bloggers waiting to see what you have in store for their blogs. This only happens when a good quality product combines with good quantity. A good quality guest post that you rarely send to the guest blogger, will be frustrating and so it needs to be done often. The more you write the more the blogs you can get access to.

Link cleverly

The fact that blog posts are supposed to increase your linking power for more traffic does not mean over using the same. Take time and check how many times you refer to your link in an article. Go easy on lacing of links in your articles so as not to cause alarm for their blog site. Do sensible linking where it is necessary in the link. Do information and not marketing. Marketing on another blog will have your article not be posted. Make sure your blog post is completely on an informative basis and mention your link as an information blog. Use you blog link once or twice in a guest post. A good blog post should not threaten the blog that it is supposed to go on. It should rather strengthen the blog while marketing yours cleverly.

Make your pitch count

The guest blog has to see the value in your post. They have to see the reason they need the post on their blog. Your sales pitch has to be on point when it comes to blogging. Make sure that the information you have increases the value of what they have. How you sell their blog or anything that they stand for will see your post up in no time. A guest post that adds no value will be seen as a waste of space and time on their part. Further posts will also be shunned for the lack of ‘support’. It all starts and ends with the pitch you sell to them. Take time and design something they will want.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid most of these guest blogging problems

1. Do not submit low quality work.

Take time and research on your blog post for the best information. Do not submit low quality work. The information should be factual and one that cannot be refused by the guest blog in question.

2. Check for spelling and grammar mistakes

Take time and read your post to make sure that it is of the best quality. Check for spelling and grammar mistakes. Good quality work will encompass your writing skills too. The information should be easy to read and understand.

3. Your writing styles will have to impress the blog

Make sure your post is interesting and attractive. Your writing styles will have to impress the blog. Witty, interesting, funny and professional work will most of the time cut the mark.

4. link well with informational articles.

Make sure you link well with informational articles. Do not be a threat but a support for the blog in question.

5. Research post quality

Take time to research on blogs that will do the most for your work. Research on quality blogs that you can send your posts to.
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