Top 3 best free IPTV apps on Android - free IPTV in 2020

Top 3 best free IPTV apps to watch TV on Android in 2020
Top 3 best free IPTV apps to watch TV on Android in 2020

Here are the best free IPTV apps for Android that will allow you to watch unlimited TV for free…

1- ShowBox: Free Movies, Series and TV Channels

Features of ShowBox APK

All the features of the Showbox app are free and easy to use.
In addition to streaming movies, TV series and series, it also allows you to download your favorite movies, shows, and series to watch them offline.
ShowBox allows you to caption videos to make your experience enjoyable.
It also lets you watch movie shows and series on Chromecast.
This wonderful application also has music streaming functionality. You can easily listen to your favorite songs.
Films and TV shows are grouped by genre, year, title, rating and also its type.
The video can be viewed with MX Player or any other external video player such as VLC and others.

[##download## DOWNLOAD ShowBox APK]

2 - Mobdro: Streaming Movies, Series and TV Channels

If you don't know the Mobdro app yet, I'm sure when you find out and use it, you won't be able to do it without it. This application allows you to follow Movies, Series and TV Channels for free and unlimited.

The special thing about Mobdro is that it constantly searches the web for the best free videos and streams them to your device.

Characteristics of the Mobdro application

Besides its permanent search for the best videos on the web, Mobdro will also allow you to:

Easily find video feeds from around the world, on all subjects and in all languages.
Share and recommend Movies,
 TV Shows and TV shows with your friends on social networks.
Organize your feeds and filter them by language or subject, always keeping the history of your readers.
Download your favorite Movies, TV Shows and Shows to watch them offline.

[##download## DOWNLOAD Mobdro APK]

3 - Molotov: Free IPTV application to watch French TV channels

Here is an application that will make you love Télé (with more than 90 TV channels broadcast live). Molotov is an application that I personally love ... But there is something I must tell you: Molotov is only accessible in France and in the countries of the European Union.

Features of the Molotov app

Films and Series are classified by categories to allow you to quickly find what you are looking for (Action, Comedy, Crime, ...).
Option to enter the name of an actor or director, TV presenter, politician or humorist, then simply click "Follow". This smart Molotov feature alerts you as soon as they come on TV even if you're not in front of the screen, regardless of the nature of the program. Nice isn't it?
Save the programs you like. Find them every time you log in, available to you for as long as you want.
Resume your show exactly where you left off, even on another device.

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