How to Start a Blog That Makes $4000 From scratch Free Guide

How to Start a Blog in 2020 & Make Money $5000 Every Month

Start creating, manage and publicize your blog, plus the extra tips for earning this year's blogging revenue!

Blogging is often an exciting yet utterly overwhelming experience. Whether you are just starting out as a blogger or you have been at it for a while, you will often find yourself wondering about the rules of the game. 

You Can Quickly Few The Steps Create A Blog in 2020:
 1. Pick a web hosting and register a domain
 2. Installing WordPress
 3. Design your website
4. Installing a Theme
5. Setup on page SEO plugin and home keywords
6. Creating by pre content (pages)
7. Customization layout footer and sidebar
8. Add affiliating ads and products
9. Target your audience and boost blog
10. Continue to progress and develop your Website!

77% of internet users read blogs post every moment so you create a blog, earn Passive money AdSense, and affiliated method.

The Complete Guide To Start Blog

Step By Step Create A Blog Online And Make Money Easily, Click Here To, Easy To Starting Your Blog. My free guideline on this post will prove you how to create a beautiful and responsive blog, often in a simple step-by-step guide ( 30 20 minutes).

A step by step create a blog online and make money easily, Click here to, easy to starting your blog.

Well, cheer up! We here at  are going to help you navigate the world of blogosphere deftly and easily by sharing our experiences. We are a group of bloggers who have learned through many years of trial and error some of the best practices in blogging. And we are sharing them with you ABSOLUTELY FREE! All you have to do is stay tuned to this space and you can pick up some tips and tricks that will turn you from a more blogger to a start blog.

How To Start A Blog In Easy 9 Step By Step
start blog
Step 1: Choose The Right Niche and Start a Blog You're Keen On.
Step 2: Selecting A Platform For Blogging
Step 3: Pick And Register Your Blog Nice Domain
Step 4: Select A Hosting Blueprint For The Internet .
Step 5: Launch A Blog With Wordpress
Step 6: Select Right Template For Your Wordpress Or Blogger Blog.
Step 7: Created Amazing Content For Your Blog.
Step 8: Install On Page SEO Plugins Your Blog Admin Dashboard.
Step 9 : Easy Ways To Make Money Online  Your Own Blog.

How To Start A Blog
How to start a blog for beginners can be a little confusing. Here I hope to help you with the basics of setting up a blog, keeping your blogs focus and some simple strategies and tips to get the content creation going. Let’s begin!

Most people who are thinking about creating a blog are usually looking to generate traffic to a product, service or even to build a business or organization. Either way, a blog is a great place to start driving targeted traffic to save you time, energy and money spent on traditional advertising trying to convince people.

Step 1: Choose The Right Niche and Start a Blog You're Keen On.


You want to start a blog but the thing that puts you back is the niche of the market you realize you will have to choose from. Choose a profitable niche for your start a blog, and one of the jumps you need to see which one of the best future to become a profitable online blog.

Step 2: Selecting A Platform For Blogging

Blogging platforms for beginners can be hard to choose between. Here we will look at not only the preferred blogging platforms, but also the pieces of the puzzle inside them we need to succeed online.
There are many platforms to choose from when it comes to starting a blog. Whether it is a traditional business, affiliate business or even a network marketing business, a blog is what you will need. One other thing, you will also need the know how about the strategies to maximize your traffic with it as well.

 ✔️  Blogging Platforms for Beginners

Blogging is extremely important and not only for search engine optimization purposes, but for your traffic in general. Admit it, most of us are here to use this particular platform to generate an income. Some may be here just because, but most are here for an income online. Picking the right platform is where it all begins!
There are many content management systems ( CMS ) to choose from. Some of the most used are:

WordPress – WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.

Joomla – Joomla is one of the world’ s most popular open source CMS (content management system). With millions of websites running on Joomla, the software is used by individuals, small & medium-sized businesses, and large organizations worldwide to easily create & build a variety of websites & web-enabled applications.

Drupal - Drupal is an open source content management platform powering millions of websites and applications. It’s built, used, and supported by an active and diverse community of people around the world.

WordPress by far is the simplest for any beginner to handle. When it comes to what they call the “CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS”,  WordPress comes with the simplest learning curve. Some of the learning curve will be configuring certain plugins within your site. These Plugins are little pieces of software that either make a blog more ascetically nice or, they are strictly meant for search engine optimization purposes.

Most Popular Blogging statistics for the world Top Service delivery Platforms

Top In Blog Usage Distribution In The Top 9 Sites
Technology                   Websites                            %

1        WordPress                   365,374                            36.54

2          Blogger                          10,686                              1.07

3         Tumblr                            2,907                                0.29

4          Medium                          1,355                                0.14

5          Ghost                               1,097                                0.11

6          MovableType                   193                                 0.02

 7          Matcha                                 67                                  0.01

 8         Blog Engine                         57                                  0.01

  9          JUGEM                                  32                                        0

Step 3: Pick And Register Your Blog Nice Domain

The wildly popular ".com" may very well be your domain name, or niche specific. The main rule is for a domain with a ".com" but most of the other add ons may work. For example: ". net" or ". org"

5 Best Tips How to Choose a Domain Name in 2020

       If you have come up with a good name that isn’t available try different variations.

       It doesn’t have to be a “.com” ending domain even though it’s the most popular one. There’s plenty of other good common domains like .net, .org, .me, .info and there’s also country specific top level domains like .us (United States), (United Kingdom), .au (Australia) which are very good option depending of your target market.

       If you really want a specific domain name which is already taken you can try to contact the owner and negotiate about the price. Be prepared however that you might not get an answer at all or the price is too high.
      When registering a domain name you might be able to buy a web hosting plan at the same time, sometimes with a reduced cost.

      Try to invent a word/name/brand which doesn’t exist yet. In that case the domain name will be very likely available and when people are using a search engine they probably end up to your site instead of your competitors.

Step 4: Select A Hosting Blueprint For The Internet .

Buying a hosting is usually the first thing to start with. If you don’t have a brand or a name for your service yet this will be a good moment to do some brainstorming and invent exciting names. Create a list of all potential names and then check if corresponding domains are free. Different companies selling domain names provides a search tool to check if specific domain name is free to register. If it’s taken already some of those services offers you similar name suggestions which are available to help your task.

Couple large and popular hosting name providers are Namecheap and 1&1 but one of the biggest and probably well-known is bluehost .

   ✔️ Free domain name.
   ✔️ 30-day money-back guarantee period.
   ✔️ Discount price of $2.75 per month.

Step 5: Launch A Blog With Wordpress

This hosting provides to help you sign up and create a WordPress blog for the managed hosting account. I'll explain you how to do a blog with Bluehost, and I've do include screenshots of the blogs you need to bookmark.
You can easily WordPress is install on Bluehost. Bluehost helps make a WordPress blog very simple, so it is FREE. When you have created your bluehost login, Bluehost will review you through completely clear what you should be doing to start a blog.

How To instal Bluehost Wordpress

Complete Video for creating a blog : How To Install Wordpress With Bluehost manually Mojo Marketplace.

I hope you have relished this tutorial on youtube clip! Because if you're ready and to go Bluehost to get started.
Online many hosting companies as well but Bluehost will also clearly get to the top of one's list for a hosting site. Bluehost always offered for hosting service by WordPress, it's been around for over 10 years, than trusted hosting company in the world.
There are possible explanations why Bluehost is so great for beginners, well here's just a several:

✔️24/7 Expert Support 
✔️Introducing WP Pro
✔️Easily -to-use admin control panel
✔️Get started fast with WordPress installation with one-click
✔️No distractions ,no bargains, Enjoy the convenience of a 30-day money back ✔️grantee and the option of canceling anytime, and many mone.
Set Up Your Hosting Account with bluehost
Go to Bluehost's landing page to get started, and click "get started now."

You will then need to select a domain name for your new blog. You can register it here if you own a domain name, so you'll just have to go into a few extra work to make sure you get your DNS pointing to Bluehost. or you don't already have a domain name, in the sign-up process you can buy one from right or the best part is, this comes for free to your new purchase of your WordPress hosting account.

Your blog domain name has been registered you fill this from in your personal information.

See and Choice and Select Your Hosting Plan
Now is that here you are signed up and are able to register into your account, WordPress installation can start!
Install Wordpress With Bluehost
Scroll to the "MOJO Marketplace" section in your bluehost cPanel, and select the "One-Click Installs" button. The platform segment is at its top, so all you need to do is click on just the WordPress icon here.

Automatic will open the window for installation Click the green "Start" button to start the testing process for WordPress because it has a few simple tricks.

Next, click on “Check Domain, “you registered name.

Show Progressive Options. You should set up your own username and password for your WordPress installation in this section. It's actually suggested that you use a username other than "admin" and a very powerful password.
keep your logging information safely. Fill in the form showing you click the terms and conditions, then click "Install Now."

Congratulations – You're Ready To Launch Blog !

Now will see installed your worpress on bulehost.
You now can log in to your WordPress site via the admin login URL. Enter your login information, then click "Log in." It will start taking you to your dashboard in WordPress.

Set up Pre-launch content

Creating about us page contact us page  privacy policy terms and condition and your all blog major need page.

Why Publish About Us Page You Blog?

Inspiring about Us Page Templates to Increase Your blog visitor and trusted your blog. A well written page of About Us can help you improve positive customer relationships. Get now create a about page free

Why Contact Us Import Blog blog.

The Contact Us page is also one of the Website's most valuable pages A good Contact Us page will help you build long-term client relationships.

Step 6: Select Right Template For Your Wordpress Or Blogger Blog.

When picking a WordPress theme for your blog along with its look your blog nice and design, you must also focus on many other key elements such as loading speed, availability of coding, support, redesign and configurability and responsive. Google also loves the use of amp theme that I recommend. 2020 Google recommended higher page for fast logging and ranking.
AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, and this is a Google and Twitter project designed to deliver fast mobile pages loading and improves mobile blog output.

Step 7: Created Amazing Higher Quality Content For Your Blog.

Your latest blog's content will still be the attraction that attracts your visitors away. Writing great, High-quality content to write you start a blog.

Step 8: Install On Page SEO Plugins Your Blog Admin Dashboard.

There are many plugins to choose from within WordPress, literally thousands of them. Some of the best WordPress plugins are listed below and you will need these:
All In One SEO Pack or, SEO by Yoast : Which ever one you choose, they are both great. Configuring SEO by Yoast will be a little more involved and require some help, but SEO Pack on the other hand, not even close. Just upload and click the configure now button, it will tell you what to do.

WP-Optimimze : Are you kidding me?! This little overlooked plugin for your blog is a must, seriously. When blogging you will save and save again, republish and publish again. Each time this is done however, you will be filling up your database with all the saves and republished work, this slows you down. This simple plugin will keep the floors clean.

W3 Total Cache : THis will keep your site running fast when it comes to load time. Load time is important to Google, and after all, they are the leader of search for the blogger. Keep your site clean. Every time I am done on my site for the day, I preform a clear of the cache, so should you.

 JetPack : Better than loading a ton of different plugins, just choose JetPack. This unique little piece of software has many different and unique parts to it creating the need for less plugins. This includes socializing your blog too!

Ultimate TinyMCE : This is the perfect plug in for blogging. Ever wonder how people make columns, cool fonts and a little less coding for video embeds? Well, this is it. Just customize your editor bar with what you need and start blogging.

Pretty Links :  Hate long garbage affiliate links? Me too! Pretty Links is the perfect tool for creating the simple linking structure within your content to help with your SEO. Affilates? this is a must.

Contextual Related Posts : Google love content, real content. Contextual navigation has never been more important than it is today for the mighty search engine, so why not help them out?

Akismet : This is built in, just activate and get your FREE key code. This will clear out those morons and their spammy comments, like it helps them, what a joke.

Image Widget : Just a cool little sidebar application. Notice the images on the sidebar here? Yep, Image widget. It even uses HTML for making it look cooler.

These are just a few of the main plugins and simple software platforms you will need for your WordPress blog. There are other plugins such as simple image widget and some like it that are there to enhance your visitors time on site visually. This is a good thing to worry about as well, visually stimulating your audience. People like cool, cool is cool. But remember, keep cool simple and less loud.
Between the platforms you can choose to use as your blog website, the plugins and enhancements, a beginner to search engine marketing, particularly blogging, can be somewhat confusing. Relax, all you are doing within this unique and highly valued platform is creating content in the end.

Blogging requires content and content is the major currency of the Internet. A blog is probably the most valuable asset you could have online. Here you can build, brand and manage any business. You can create a substantial list of subscribers or even better, customers, clients or members of your opportunity.
Link building to your blogging platform is the next best thing to content. This is the other valued asset to successful online marketing, like gold and silver to investments, content and links can set you free. However, there are many ways to completely wreck your blog through link building. The link building platform is as special to Google as your content.
Building links should be natural period. I have seen many people trying to manipulate their link building efforts online, this has proved to be a horrible decision every single time. Good link bait is quality content, social bookmarking that content and sharing it as much as possible throughout your social media platforms without being too spammy.
There is much to be said about the many blogging platforms to choose from, but simple solutions such as WordPress in the end are simple to learn. Get your blogging on today, choose a platform and start seeing a different side of real success online really is that easy.

Some Useful Tools For Smart Blogging Experience Do Start A 2020 Blog

These tools will enhance your blogging experience.
Start Blogging with Quora: This is a question-and-answer website, you can search any keyword you want to write an article in your blog, here you can get lots of content ideas.
Evernote: You can make quick notes from any time. It supports Windows/Android/iPhone.
Blog Topic Generator: Put your keyword and it gives you lots of topics related to that keyword
Portent Title Maker: Enter the some specific keywords in this tool and it will generate appropriate titles for you.
Grammarly/Ginger: It spot your spelling mistakes, sentence structure and more (you can also use it as addon)
Pixabay/PhotoPin/Unsplash: You get free high-quality Photos, Illustrations, Vector graphics
Google Keyword Planner: Free tool for keyword research
Semrush: For competitor analysis
Google Analytics: It gives the report of your traffic also real-time view
Google Webmaster Tool: The best free tool for submitting your blog to google search engine, analysing your best-performing keywords, search appearance, back links etc..

Feed burner: Free tool for Email marketing, send newsletters to blog subscribers
SumoMe: Free heat map for your blog, it helps you to analyse which location the visitors click more on the page. There are many sub tools available in this.
ZohoMail: It helps you to create free domain specific E-mail ids
Wunderlist: You can manage your TO-DO list easily Support both Mobile and PC

Some Of The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Blogging:

A Complete Blogging Guide for Beginners
Which blog platform can I use?
A. Again, that depends on your budget and preferences. You could do it absolutely free on Blogger or with paid host via Wordpress. For a newbie, "Blogger" is the best  platform to get start, because everything you get is for free, in the case of WordPress you need to spend for hosting. Start with blogger and when u begin to earn money from your blog, migrate to WordPress if you want.
What do I blog about?
Well, that entirely depends on you. You could write about the climate on Mars but the key is to write it engagingly. So pick a topic that you have mastery in, your audience will enjoy reading and you can generate new material often.
How Often Should I Blog?
A. How often you should blog depends on your convenience. However, the key is not how often you blog but how consistent you are. You could blog just once a week but ensure that a blog goes out EVERY WEEK. on the same day preferably. People are more likely to come back to blog if they know that they are going to get something new without fail every week.
How often should I update my blog?
A. That depends on you really. If you are looking to ace the blogosphere, then you should ideally be posting at least 2-3 times a week. Some people even like to post every day. This might be great for you if you find that you can only function effectively as a blogger if you write something every day. But if you find it hard to write often, you should post at least once a week.
Can I republish content from another blog or websites?
A. You can republish content if you have permission from the original author. If the author refuses, DO NOT republish the post under any circumstances as you could get into serious trouble for it. Also, you can re-post (giving credit and preferably a link back) without the explicit written permission from the author

 What is the minimum length of blog posts?
A. Many bloggers have tortured themselves endlessly wondering how long/ short their blogs should be. But the truth is, there is not a definite answer to this. Some people write blogs that are less than 100 words long while others write blogs of more than 1500 words. Each has its own merits and demerits. But if an we had to put a number of words for an optimum blog, it would be about 500-600 words.
What type of blog theme/template is the best?
A. Know your purpose and choose the template according to that niche. There are so many types of theme/templates are available in the market but most of them are complex design, it may look very good on the screen but it might not be the best for functionality, that leads to quick exit of readers from your site. So go for simple rather than making a fancy in your theme. Search engines and readers  always love quick loading websites, if you have a simple and quick loading design search engine will definitely rank you up and readers can navigate easily.  Use or Google page insight tool to check page speed and loading time of your blog.
 How To Make Money From The Blog?
Once your blog reached a good amount of daily traffic you can apply for monetizing. Keep in mind: You can achieve better traffic only by writing quality articles, write to attract the audience, not for search engines. Most of the newbie bloggers are fail in this point, they write lots of articles but they don't care about quality. Be frank 1 high-quality article is enough than 100 poor quality articles. Once you achieve this you can apply for monetizing platforms Google  Adsense, Yahoo/Bing Contextual ad network, Infolinks, Chitika or Affiliate Marketing. These are the best networks to start earn money from your blog.
Can a new blogger make money instantly?
A. Yes, with few conditions! be consistent be persistent and be patient, show your 100% of efforts to building up your base. Maintain daily blog posting as your habit and you can easily start to generate income within 1-2 months.
How To Optimize My Blog For SEO?
A. If you are using a blogger platform, the overall structure is pre-set for search engine optimization, so you need to care only mere things for SEO. Use internal linking, Use rel=”nofollow” tag on low-value links, optimize images, update the outdated articles, find high-quality keywords for your article using AdWords tool, choose high-quality keywords.

If you are in WordPress platform there are lots of plugins available for SEO(Yoast SEO), Use search engine friendly permalink, use tag clouds.
How Can I Achieve Better Traffic For My Blog?
A. Write articles daily and maintain a good quality to convince search engine as well as the audience. The search engine is capable of drive lots of targeted traffic to your blog. If you have unique and rich content search engine will definitely find you and drive the readers. So update your blog frequently and share the article in social media platforms after publishing.
 Where I Get Help For Blogging?
A. You can't survive by urself, you need to find some helping hands for the successful blogging experience.
Read E-books (There are lots of free blogging E-books are available on the internet, just google it).
Join bloggers forum and you can ask blogging queries there, also you may get the connections with the expert bloggers.
Find successful bloggers and ask your concern with the, most of them are answer you (go with professional way)
Use google search
Depend Youtube for video tutorials
You can write your doubts in the comments section below and we will try our best to answer them all.
How do I start my blog?
In words, start a blog firstly Create your proper mindset & choice good domain and hosting (bluehost ) and setting your website everything nieces need, publish your relevant content.   
How do I start a blog and get paid?
Start Monetizing with Affiliate Programs and AdSense, Sell Ads directly to your blog proven ways to make money blogging online with you blog.
What kind of blogs make money?
Blogs making money There still are two categories of blogs making money: evergreen content blog nice trending content blog nice. Evergreen content is long-lived content, and is really valuable. i love Evergreen content. Know what Types of Blogs That Make Money online easily.
How Do Professional Bloggers Get Paid?
Many professional bloggers get paid earn money is by placing ads on their site. Always professional bloggers doing guest paid blogging job, and promote their career nice.

Conclusion Start Blog For Beginners:

This is very clearly creation of a hands-off blog. You should not mess with guide or get lost in a start blog or website.

We have tried to answer all the basic questions any novice blogger will have. If you have more, don't hesitate to write to us. We are always ready to answer your questions and help you out. And if you would like to get more tips to ace the blogosphere, don't forget to click the subscribe button.