How To Add Horizontal Scrolling Twitter Feed In Blogger

How to Add Horizontal Scrolling Twitter Feed In Blogger

Add best Horizontal Scrolling Twitter Feed In Blogger, Many widgets display the twitter feeds on blog or site. Many are shown your twitter twitted horizontally in the sidebar your log. This guide shows you how to create a Twitter Horizontal Scrolling Feed using jQuery and JavaScript. There are widgets that use twitter feed to view blog or website tweets. Get so much more new followers and retweets You get a new way to advertise your Twitter profile and post because of all the Twitter actions available on the website in the feed.

Embedded tweets are an easy way to insert a lightweight, sidebar view of multiple Tweets on your homepage. Show the latest Tweets from a single Twitter account, usernames, or tap the discussion across a subject collected into a search result world. A selection of Tweets may be made in a layout of a list or a flexible list. As you can see, it's easy to add a Twitter embed feature directly from Twitter to your website or blog page. But what if Infinite scroll simply scrolls and scrolls to load more twitted.

Both of them are shown in the sidebar in a horizontal widget. So you may want the tweets displayed horizontally at the top or bottom of the article. Among the most frequently asked questions is how to add a Twitter widget to a sidebar of the BlogSpot blog. Simple to use you twitter Feed Coding-free widget for website or blog. Need your website's Twitter screen impress more audience to keep in touch, and growing your organic reach? follow this step.

    What Is a Twitter Timeline post Widget?

    Twitter Timeline post Widget Twitter provides timelines that allow you to show any public Twitter feed in your website. Such timelines are social, so readers can respond directly from your website or blog, tweet and favorite shares.

    How to Add A Twitter Feed On Blogger, With Scrolling

      Step.1 : Login
      Step.2 : Go to Blogger Dashboard.
      Step.3 : Click on Dropdown Menu and select Template.
      Step.4 : Backup your Template before updating your blog.
      Step.5 : Now Click Edit HTML xml widget.
      Step.6 : Press Ctrl + F and search the code shown below.

     Step.7 : Now paste the Shown Code just above / before

        Step.8 : Now Find the code shown below using [ctrl+F]

       Step.9 : Now Paste the Code Shown Below just above/before it

        Step.10: Now save your template

         Step.11 : Now Go to Blogger Dashboard --> Layout --> Add A Gadget --> HTML/JAVASCRIPT 

       Step.12: Now paste the code shown below inside it

         Step.13: save this click button ,and done

    How to Scrolling Twitter Feed Customization

         Step.1 : Replace bazzhood with your twitter username.
         Step.2 : var limit    = 6 shows the number of feeds you want to display.
         Step.3 : Dont add this <script src='' type='text/javascript'/> if your template already contain this script.