Blog Launch Checklist 2020 * 9 Point Checklist Before Launching a New Blog

Blog Launch Checklist 2020 * 9 Point Checklist Before Launching a New Blog

9 Point Blog Launch Checklist When You Start Out On A New Blog. Starting a new blog seems to be a simpler task than it is, especially if you want to reach a large audience. Signing in to with your Google account and then clicking on New Blog is all it takes to create a new blog in its literal sense, but the real work starts after you have created a new blog. In this post, we shall try to note down the steps that we feel are important whenever you start a new blog.

Write Some Quality Articles:

Before proceeding on the points ahead, it is important that your blog has some value to the readers that you are targeting. Don’t copy and paste even a single line from anywhere – ever. It will hurt you in the long run. Try and write something that isn’t already available on the internet. Given the magnitude of internet, I know that is a daunting task. But the internet always lacks one thing: your views on the topic you love. If you are passionate for anything – however mundane that thing be – your voice would be respected by fellow people. Use always long tail high quality Keywords In your every Posts

Create Social Accounts For Your Blog:

Setting up a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a Google+ Page/Profile is something that will take less than an hour to set up initially. But if you do things right in the long run, you might see social traffic accounting for a considerable portion of your blog’s total traffic. Aiming for social media gives you a hit at getting your traffic viral. For that thing to happen, try and create some content for your blog that it becomes difficult for your visitors to curb their urge to share that cool stuff with their social friends.

 Make it easy to share content:

Obviously, more people will share your page if it has a share button inviting them to hit it than if they had to go through the pain of manually copying your post link and sharing them with their friends/followers. We shall share some cool sharing widgets to get this job done.

Don’t irritate your visitors:

As they say it, first impression is the last impression. Throwing a popup window on your visitor”s face accounts for a irritating experience. And so does doing anything that you won’t like doing to yourself .

Keep advertisements and sponsored content at bay:

Having a truly advertisement free blog should be your target in the initial days. Also, displaying ads in the initial days won’t bring anything more than a few cents but can act as speed breakers in the progress of your blog. Set yourself a traffic target below which you won’t start displaying advertisement.

Stick To A Schedule, Update Your Blog Regularly:

As hard as it is to get readers who visit your blog regularly, it is even harder to give them the reason to keep coming. That means you must offer fresh content regularly. How often should you post is an issue that is debatable, agree to a frequency which allows you to post without having to compromise on the quality of whatever you are writing.

 Get Some Good Backlinks:

Though I have rarely worked on this point myself, getting some backlinksto your blog from some renowned blogs in your niche. Though it is easier said than done, there are two ways to go for it. First and obvious one is Guest Blogging while the second and indirect one is writing blog posts that are worth a mention by authority blogs in your niche.

Submit your blog to Alexa and Google Webmasters:

When you submit yourblog to Alexa, you start getting a rank for your blog. And though most of the times Alexa rankings are stupid, they can still act as a good motivating factor. And dare I mention about why you should submit your blog to Google Webmasters? Getting your blog regularly indexed by Google is something you’d die for if you aim to be listed in Google search results.

Don’t do anything that embarrasses you (or your blog) later on:

Even if it is your first blog, act like a professional blogger from day 1. Don’t do things that you won’t if you were an editor at Mashable or TechCrunch. Don’t personally attack someone, don’t share anything that’s not free, don’t cause World War III and the list goes on. For instance, my first post on Droidiser was cursing Tata Docomo when they hiked prices for their internet plans. Thankfully, my other articles were of decent standard and didn’t require to be deleted. Otherwise, you can assume how big a loss it would have been for me if I had to delete a hundred or so sub-standard posts.

Personally speaking, I followed almost all these points when I started out with Dreiser and am trying to do the same with Blogger riser. The one point that I find the toughest of all is #6 i.e. to blog regularly. It is pretty difficult to keep coming up with fresh ideas for new articles and to regularly manage time out of your schedule to put your ideas into action.

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