Astra Theme 2020 :Astra WordPress Templates Review 2020

Astra Theme 2020 :Astra WordPress Templates Review 2020

The Most Lightweight & Customizable WordPress Theme by Astra.  Looking for a fast, elegant & customisable WordPress theme? Take on Astra! 

It is designed and built custom layout, is SEO friendly and is fully consistent with major page builders. Astra Starter Sites are full models for websites built with Elementor,Astra is a fast, highly configurable & beautiful WordPress theme useful for blogging, personal portfolio, business website and WooCommerce.aStra is an elegant and stylish WordPress theme with a quick and beautiful design. Astra is a free responsive WordPress theme useful for creating multiple types of websites. 

Created with much care and attention to the simplicity and beauty,Yeah, Astra and Elementor are a great combination. it also made special efforts when designing Astra so the theme goes a move forward and works smoothly with Elementor. Maximum Size / Stretched Layout Astra provides a Full Width / Stretched Layout which is designed for Elementor in particular. When choosing this style, Elementor gets edge power of your layout to edge it. That way, you will not have to focus on the inelegant JavaScript method to push the full width of your rows or sections. Disable Title / Featured Image / Sidebar By default, most themes emit Page Title, Featured Image, Sidebar, Breadcrumb and other data without giving users any control. So although designing Elementor pages, you need to have a fresh start or a blank canvas with the required controls. To Astra, you can disable these items and with Elementor get complete freedom in design.Global Alternatives From Customizer If you are creating a website that most of the pages are designed with Elementor, Astra's global options give you the practicality of setting the required layout, sidebar and other settings right in the Custom layout for Elementor. 

On multiple pages, indeed, these global options can be overridden using page options for setting title, sidebar, header, footer etc.Mobile Header Options Astra provides a complete method for a mobile flexible menu with easy customizer settings that allow you to control and design wonderful mobile menus. Use the break-point setting you choose when to allow a mobile menu with different style choices, you can create the entire menu with no custom code available.Astra Free Lightweight & Bloat is a style designed for the Elementor! Instead of duplicating the features already provided by Elementor, Astra is being built out of the box, lightweight, bloat-free and modular. It taking care of worldwide colors, graphic art, total design, and compatibility with other third-party plug-ins, and let Elementor manage the part of page creation.Get astra pro theme free download :

How To Install The Astra Theme

We'll show you how to install the Astra theme in this video, change the logo of the website, change the style of the site, typography and primary colours. And few plugins Astra suggested.