10+ Benefits Of Guest Blogging Plan to Guest Post

10+ Benefits Of Guest Blogging Plan to Guest Post


Know the top 10 Guest Blogging Benefits ,This article covers all you need to know about benefits and advantages of guest blogging.

Guest blogging is now one of the best methods you might develop in any online marketing.  

What Is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is a tactic that website authors use to boost the traffic to their websites. Guest bloggers write and publish content as guest bloggers for many other, related websites in their profession and sectors.

If you like to spread the true statistics of your company and obtain the self-belief of your goal audience, make a contribution posts to different website or niche relevant websites.

Blogging is undoubtedly one of the best ways to develop an online business, but most people are still not aware of what guest blogging is or how it can be used at its full potential.

This type of blogging can be simply defined as the activity of writing posts for other people’s blogs, and it can help both individuals and businesses in a number of ways.

You must know there's top 10 real benefits of guest blogging statistics:

1. Get Real Targeted & Quality Traffic.

The first advantage of guest blogging, and also the no.1 reason why people are investing precious time in it, is that it builds traffic fast. 

As an example, a major blog can send as much as 500 or even 1,000 visitors from a single guest post, traffic which can be quickly transformed into money in various ways.

But what’s more important than the number of visitors you get is their quality (e.g. if they are targeting the information you just posted), and this is another chapter where guest blogging excels. 

For instance, think that visitors coming from online article directories have an average bounce rate of 80-90%, while the ones that come from an authority blog have a bounce rate of only 30-40%. Bounce rate is an Inernet marketing term used in web traffic analysis.

 It represents the percentage of visitors who enter the site and “bounce” (leave the site) rather than continue viewing other pages within the same site.

4. Build Search Engine and Increase Domain Name Authority

Guest blogging is renowned for the fact that it helps site owners to boost their search engine and domain name authority. 

Even if you rely on this method alone, without resorting to any special SEO strategies or purchasing backlinks or advertising space, you’ll quickly find out just how much your site’s rating can improve thanks to it. 

Some well-known authorities in the blogosphere have quickly got onto the front page of Google this way, and this happened without them to do anything else than post on some blogs that were already famous enough.

3. Boost Your Online Influence

Another great advantage of guest blogging is that it can hugely boost your online influence, an influence that is not related to authority or expertise. 

Posting quality articles on blogs bigger than yours can have a positive impact on many people’s lives, and thus they will remember you every time when they think about that certain topic. 

And while it’s perfectly true that you can influence your own blog visitors as well, choosing to combine guest posting with posting on your own blog can boost your online influence more than ever.

4. Build-Up Your Authority

It might take several years for a new blogger to gain respect and authority in his/her niche, but thanks to the dynamism of guest blogging this period can be reduced to only a few months. 

All that you’re required to do is to associate yourself with some top bloggers in a particular niche, and since people will stumble across your name many times they will soon begin to associate you with them, and thus you’ll get one step closer to building that authority level you’ve always wished for.

5. Enhance Your Credibility and Portfolio

The best way to check if someone is truly worth your attention is to simply check out their credibility. A vast writing portfolio can greatly help anyone in achieving respect, and guest blogging is with no doubt one of the most efficient methods in this regard.

6. Improve Your Writing Skills

One of the main lessons that guest blogging teaches you is to always proofread your posts. 

It won’t matter how brilliant, inspirational or emotional your articles are as long as others can’t read them, but if you choose to post on other people’s blogs you’ll instantly start to pay more attention to your writing and proofreading, fact which can only benefit you on the long term.

A lot of famous bloggers have improved their writing skills this way, and the difference can be quickly spotted by comparing the articles they wrote in their early blogging days with the ones they wrote recently.

7. Increase Your Brand Awareness and Exposure

This type of blogging can be a great way of increasing your exposure and your brand awareness at the same time. For instance, let’s say that you choose to post on a blog that gets about 25,0000 visitors a day. 

If your post gets seen by about 5,000 of these people, you might only get about 300-400 visitors for your site. In spite of this fact, your article was still read by 5,000 people, and if this becomes a trend with all the guest articles that you post you’ll soon notice just how popular your brand name has become.

8. Enhance Your Subscriber Database

Aside from leading to good traffic, guest blogging is particularly great for those who seek more newsletter subscribers.

Consider that posting on a major blog will lead to at least a few dozens of new people subscribing to your site, and thus your loyal readership will soon become bigger than ever.

 By comparison, an article posted on an online submission directory will hardly get you more than a few subscribers.

9. Find Out What Other People Really Think About You

If you regularly post new articles on your blog you may have observed that very few people choose to criticize your work (in a constructive way). This is a common situation with most bloggers for two reasons:

firstly if your blog is not very well known people are less enthusiastic to comment, and secondly, unless authoritative people share an opinion first random guests are less likely to do so.

By choosing to practice guest blogging you willingly expose yourself to the readership of another blogger, a readership who doesn’t know you and who won’t have a problem in giving out their honest opinion about your work.

This can easily improve your future articles and provide you with essential information regarding other people’s expectations from you.

10. Build-Up Your Social Media Profile

Even if you don’t care about traffic and subscribers, a strong social media appearance is something every blogger should have.

By posting on other people’s blogs you’ll soon get more twitter followers and facebook.com fans, fact which will deem you as an authority in the social media field. There has been evidence of people getting as many as 200 followers from a single guest post, in a single day.

In conclusion, guest blogging represents one of the best way of marketing your blog. Regardless whether you are promoting certain products or services or you just want to boost your online appearance, guest blogging is definitely one of the methods you have to try.
If you’re ready to give guest blogging a try, you should get in touch.