The 20 Most Memorable and Best PS1 Games of All Time

PlayStation, is one of the biggest game console brands today. Who are gamers who don't know about PlayStation.  Moreover, PS4 is the belle of the moment among game lovers.

Games with exciting gameplay, amazing graphics, touching stories, to AAA games that consume a large budget, all of these things you can find on PS4. But speaking of PS4, it is undeniable that the success of PS4 now might not have happened if there were no prefixes.

What is the prefix? Yes, it's clear, the prefix is ​​PS1 or PS One. PS1 is arguably the great-grandfather of PS4. There's no way to have PS4 if PS1 wasn't created.

Well, to commemorate the legend console. I decided to make a list of the 20 Most Memorable and Best PS1 Games of All Time. And here is the list...

• Digimon World

Being one of the cool anime that aired in the 90s, it is not surprising that many gamers who live together with Playstation are more familiar with Digimon than Pokemon. Instead, it also offers one of the best monster maintenance games ever.

Unlike Monster Rancher at the time, which had limited animation and faced more menus to do everything, Digimon World took you on a journey that reflected the RPG atmosphere very thickly. On top of that, it is coated with a complex gameplay mechanism that not only ask you to care for and strengthen your Digimon, but also develop it into a stronger version and start recruiting other Digimon around the city who need certain conditions to join.

This game has become one of the memorable games on PS1 because those who had tasted Digimon World might not forget this game.

• Fisherman's Bait

A fishing game? Of all the games available in the golden era Playstation with so many titles that are worth competing for and I chose a fishing game? Most of you will probably protest right away when you read Fisherman’s Bait as one of the best memorable games I've chosen.

However, I have good reason for this.  When DualShock was first introduced to the public, it felt like a gimmick. Two analogues and a vibrate function?  Curiosity certainly strengthened, confused how such a concept could offer an immersive gaming experience. Here, Fisherman’s Bait enters! In the 1990s and early 2000s, it became a clear justification for buying a vibrating controller which was relatively expensive at the time.

Through the vibrate function and its two analogues, he managed to present the true preoccupation of fishing. The controller that vibrates when there is a hooked and analog fish that has to be rotated to pull the fishing line at that time, offers a gaming experience like never before. So fantastic!

• Spyro The Dragon

Dragon are always associated as a creepy legend. A giant lizard with thick scales that cannot even be pierced by the strongest and sharpest swords, as well as a breath of fire capable of melting steel, a dragon is a manifestation of majesty and fear at the same time.

But in the hand of Activision, Dragon was introduced as a funny creature with a relatively light story. Then you meet Spyro the Dragon. Unlike the action platformer games at that time which were so linear, it has a world that you can explore, one part per part. You can also feel strong progress as he grow older with more movements that he can stretch at the end of the game.

• Valkyrie Profile

There are so many reasons to love Valkyrie Profile. From the theme alone, this game is already unique, taking Norse culture that can be spelled out, so rarely exploited. Different from most RPG games at that time, this game implements a battle system per button = per member that offers different game sensations and strategies.

However, what makes this game memorable? The story and the fact that you are a Valkyrie who is preparing more resources for Asgard who is in the midst of a giant war threat - Ragnarok. Valkyrie Profile gives players the freedom to save human lives, free them, or even recruit them as spearheads of war in other worlds.  NIBELUNG VALESTI!

• Dino Crisis 2

Survival horror is always associated as a game that takes the theme of zombies, supernatural powers, or the worst - psychopathic killers who keep chasing you for no apparent reason.  But who would have thought that dinosaurs could be transformed in the same way.

At the beginning of the first series, Dino Crisis came with such a thick atmosphere, but failed to succeed because the puzzle was too complicated. A thicker sense of action was thrown at Dino Crisis 2 and made it one of the franchise's most longed to return. Heavy weapons, giant bloodthirsty dinosaurs, and gameplay that continues to encourage you to collect more points to shop for weapons and equipment makes the replayability so high. If only Capcom was interested in returning to glance at this game. Gosh, I really miss this game...

• Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

Since the beginning of its birth, game has always been positioned as a hero who seems ready to go through all the fear, tragedy, death, and not hesitate to sacrifice themselves to save the world. Then, came Harvest Moon: Back to Nature which felt so contrary to what was imaged against video games.

You play the role of a farmer who is asked to take care of livestock and build healthy social relationships with the residents of the city. Complexity starts from determining work routines, adapting to changing weather, memorizing birthdays and knowing the favorite items of each NPC character, and winning at various festivals. This game may sound easy, but those who had tasted this game seem to understand very well, that nothing can be underestimated from the task of managing agriculture, that's for sure.

When you hear the backsound from this game, you will surely miss your childhood with Harvest Moon Back To Nature.

• Tales of Eternia

What makes the Tales series so famous in the Playstation era? In the midst of the lunge of most RPG games which mostly appear as turn-based, Tales of Destiny actually offers a thicker sense of action. The battle runs real-time, gamers can determine defensive action, motion, and attack characters like a fighting game, with a story that is also combined with sweet.

Although not counted fantastic in the first series, the Tales series became more popular when Tales of Eternia came on the market. Not only does it retain the appeal of its first series, Eternia comes with cool stories, funny voice acts, memorable characters, with a myriad of secrets that are a pity to miss. Eternia's attraction was later, becoming the standard for more Tales series, even today.

• Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 was the first game that I enjoyed once Playstation arrived at hand. Still as a child runny at the time, this game looks so fantastic in its time.  Compared to games that look so weak in terms of visuals, Resident Evil 2 feels so realistic, even in terms of character models - Leon and Claire are available.

So, what makes this game so memorable? Not only is the transition to a taste for more action that is still counted as a balance, this game also provides a story layer that can be considered complex. Each character has two different story scenarios, with each carrying a path, key items, and storylines that are also separate. Memorable boss battles to unlimited ammo cheats that are not easily forgotten, Resident Evil 2 is the king!

• Tekken 3

Okay, forget about your frustration when you first met newbie gamers who felt they had mastered Tekken 3 just because they were able to press the attack button and win the battle with Eddy Gordo or Hwoarang.

Of all the 3D fighting games ever released in the Playstation era, nothing can beat the popularity of Tekken 3. If you live in it time, you at least have never been challenged or just invited by your friends to compete in this game in their home.

Visually, this game looks stunning at that time, with balancing characters, designs, and stories that are also not easily forgotten. Almost all Playstation owner seem to have played Tekken 3, regardless of whether or not they are fans of the fighting genre.

• Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII actually has many reasons why this game deserves to be regarded as one of the best RPGs that the Playstation era has ever offered. First, the Playstation's performance at the time allowed Square Soft to switch from 2D to full 3D, a remarkable achievement at that time.

Second? He persisted with the taste of Final Fantasy before, and even injected a few new elements that ended fantastic - like Materia, for example.  The last and strongest reason? Of course the story. Unlike games in general that portray the main character as someone who is so holy, caring, and willing to sacrifice anything for the world, Cloud is a person who actually feels the opposite. It has psychological and sometimes selfish complexity.  Together with their unique friends, they fight with one of the most memorable Final Fantasy antagonists - Sephiroth. No wonder so many gamers in the past, who were happy when Square Enix confirmed that there will be Final Fantasy VII Remake.

• Winning Eleven 4

Just one game, just this name is enough to excite and open people's eyes about the potential that can be exploited from the gaming industry. Of course it's still not as far as creating the game itself, but a game that is considered to be more difficult and more competitive compared to FIFA at the time of its birth made the popularity of Winning Eleven 4 skyrocket.

Why does Winning Eleven 4 fit into this category? In the midst of a difficult market to compete with FIFA from EA, Winning Eleven 4 showed its strength and even managed to shift the giant's position for quite a long time. Do you still remember the commentator's voice? SHUUTOOOOOO !!!!

• WWF Smackdown

In addition to Winning Eleven 4, this game is also one of the must-play games that you've definitely played. The visual are not very good, but this game contains gameplay and various iconic Finisher actions that we desire. The Rock's People's Elbow with its iconic music entrance? Of course.  Other reason?

• Silent Hill

Returning the word horror to "survival horror", this is what Konami succeeded in doing. When Resident Evil began to offer more variety of weapons and a sense of security throughout the game, Silent Hill seemed to kick everything and ask you to continue to be anxious and worried.

A deserted city, monsters, white mist and siren sounds? This game has even been able to make your neck hair crawl from the beginning of the game. Many of us have to swallow nightmare and cannot forget how we are forced to move in the middle of a narrow, dark, bloody city alley, with silence that is too calm.

• Crash Team Racing

You can't be called Playstation gamers, if you haven't even played Crash Team Racing, regardless of whether you like it or not. For gamers who only have Playstation at the time, this game is probably the closest game that we can have to experience the fun of Nintendo's classic franchise - Mario Kart.

This game is no longer just a matter of trying to be the fastest, but also accessing and issuing the right weapons at the most appropriate moments as well. Characters, music, tracks, to various weapons that can be used make Crash Team Racing appear as one of the most popular split-screen games of it time. When you are bored? There will be times when you and your friends will start competing in Battle Mode by just using Nitro / TNT for extra fun. Hard to forget it.

• Legend Of Dragoon

RPG is Final Fantasy. That apart from all kinds of competition that other developers are trying to throw, it is Final Fantasy who always manages to offer the power of RPG not only in terms of gameplay, but also characters, stories, and of course - visuals.

But all changed when the Legend of Dragoon attacked. Nobody ever thought that this one game could destroy the dominance of Final Fantasy so far. Cool, different gameplay, drama-filled stories, lots of characters, to the best JRPG visual quality in the Playstation era offered by this one game.

Which gamers chill hairs don't get goosebumps when you start to turn into a Dragoon and start executing various attacks with destructive effects? DIVINE DRAGON CANNON!

• Final Fantasy Tactics

The debate will never stop when the topic of "What is the best Final Fantasy in the Playstation era?" The attraction of Cloud, Squall and Zidane's journey has their strengths and weaknesses.  But for private caves? The best Final Fantasy series in the first Playstation era, still Final Fantasy Tactics.

We are not only discussing a drastically different genre approach, but how this game executes almost all elements almost perfectly. The story is complex, dark, heavy, while the gameplay strategy is deep, requires planning, and also extra freedom to build your own unit. The visual qualities, characters, elements of Final Fantasy that are injected, to the music, Tactics remain unbeatable, even today.

• Gran Turismo 2

In the golden age of Playstation, racing games were divided into two major parts: the arcade racing game and the super crazy racing game. Arcade was dominated by games like Ridge Racer and Need for Speed ​​which were quite widely accepted at the time. While the "Crazy" is controlled by a game that ask you to focus on destroying other cars such as Twisted Metal, Vigilante 8, or Nascar Rumble.

Then Gran Turismo appeared. Most gamers who tasted Gran Turismo 2 for the first time usually commented on one thing - it offered a full visual quality that was fantastic at that time. But so tasted the gameplay? So we realize that there is one more genre in racing - that is, simulation. Where the victory no longer depends on how often you hit the wall and bounce quickly into the road, but from the accuracy of the brakes and the right gas like driving a real car.

• Metal Gear Solid

Snake ... SNAKE ... SNAKEEEE ... !! This iconic scream certainly stuck in the minds of Playstation gamers who had tasted Metal Gear Solid at that time. To be honest, with all the complexity offered by Kojima in it, this game is not a game that can be enjoyed by children or adolescent gamers just like that.

Too many conversations, too long cut-scenes, the level of difficulty is too high, until the visuals are not how good enough to make many gamers raise their hands, including the cave at that time. But along with increasing age and higher gaming instincts, Metal Gear Solid is a gaming project with a sale value that is difficult to compare.

You will begin to learn to understand the story, enjoy every intelligence that Kojima shows at every Codec joke and Boss battle, as well as actions that provide enough flexibility for you to choose.

• Xenogears

To be honest, for myself, the Xenogears story is not an element that I remember with certainty. I only still remember how this Squaresoft concoction game managed to make me keep wondering until the end of the game, without understanding the slightest essence of the story as to what this game has to offer.

However, this does not prevent Xenogears from entering as one of the best Playstation games ever. Unique battle system, cool mecha design, music that is so intriguing, to the super complex story that takes many times the game to understand seems to be an attraction that is hard to resist.

It's amazing how old CD machines like Playstation One can offer more gameplay time via Xenogears than the "cool" games released today.

• Suikoden 2

Some of you might have predicted this decision, but for my personal, there is never enough words to continue to talk about how fantastic Suikoden II is as an RPG game. The visuals and world are not beautiful, but there is no RPG that can offer a heroic story as powerful as Suikoden II.

War, death, betrayal, friendship, struggle to maintain virtue values ​​are mixed with an RPG battle system, mini games in the style of strategy games, memorable characters, cool music, to various branches of the story that will determine whether you deserve the best ending or not.

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