How To Block YouTube Videos in selected Countries?

How To Upload Youtube Videos For Specific Countries Only

YouTube enables a video creator or producer to restrict their videos in some countries or geo-block only if you are a YouTube partner program and have an universal content ID. You can then apply into YouTube's Content Management Services (CMS) to geo-block your content in selected countries.

    For a logical reason, certain YouTube videos are not accessible in your country: video owners have chosen to make their data available only to some countries / regions (usually due to licensing rights) YouTube can block specific content according to state rules.

    Qualifying YouTube Content ID: if you are Qualifying Content than you can block the Specific Countries Only

    How To Block YouTube Videos in selected Countries?

    To access the Block by Country  option, your videos must be applied to the Content ID System of YouTubes. You may register for this (eligible here: support google

    To YouTube accounts with a high number of videos, the Content ID System is where your video is all-original.

    To apply for Content ID lets go to:

    You should be able to Block Specific countries if you are accepted.

    Just see the guide with photo here and I'll discuss very clearly how to block your video views coming from a specific country? 

    Follow this picture. 

    1.Go to YouTube location area and select blocked country name.

    Step2. Go to YouTube video manager. and select your blocked video ,click down pointing aro and click block by country see picture below:


    Step3. aromatic Going to  YouTube video block country option,select youer block video option and and click block button and done.

    YouTube video block country option