How To Auto Claim Faucet On Termux

Hello Guys
I want to share, how to nuyul faucethub with termux
Faucethub is a microwallet or temporary wallet that can hold crypto currency coins before we send them to our main wallet. Here we can claim a lot of crypto coins from the faucet.
Before we proceed to the tutorial, please register first with Faucethub

Ok after you have a faucethub account. it’s time for us to go to the tuyul shaman. please open termux and type the command below

apt update && apt upgrade
apt install php
apt install wget
wget O-
php claim.php

After that, please find the claim faucet first. Please see the collection of faucets that I have collected below

Faucet List I Used



More List Click Here

Best Application for earn crypto

Ok After Relating Register please open the termux again and paste the faucet url there and click Enter

If It Is Running Its Claim Process Is More Or More As The Image Above

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