Best Cloud crypto Mining without cpu "LEGIT"

CRYPTO MINING GAME is a new kind of Bitcoin, Litecoin and Doge Faucet where you can mine for game (will never use cpu)

Do you like earn Cryptocurrency just for free ?

When I tell you this, I'm not talking about faucet bashing, or online mining, or even software/programs that use your CPUs, but what I'm going to tell you is a 100% free online game

This is Crypto Mining Game And of course you can withdraw to faucethub.


This site/game is really cool, easy to use, you don't have to spend anything to earn Cryptocurrency, just log in to the site, daily, and click on 2-3 things


As soon as you have registered, after validating your email, you will arrive on your 'Mining' page. As a new registrant, you will only be able to 'mine' 3 Cryptocurrency:

  • Bitcoin
  • Doge
  • Litoshi

Under each insert of Cryptocurrency to be mined, you will find this information:

  • The balance you have of the Crypto concerned
  • Earnings calculated for: 1 hour mining profit, 1 day mining profit and 1 month mining profit
  • The performance index
  • The number of boosts you want to use (you can earn boost as a reward in the mission chests - maximum of 10 boosts per session)
  • The time you will let the site 'mine' for you
  • And then the box 'Mine' with a small number next to it (this number corresponds to the 'crystals' necessary to mine, Crystals that you can also win in mission chest)
  • Then click 'Mine', and let things be done quietly, just go back to the end of the time indicated to restart a new mining session, the Cryptocurrency of your choice

For members who have subscribed to a 'Patreon' subscription (I would like to point out that this is absolutely not mandatory, it just avoids the avalanche of pop-ups, some weekly rewards, and the suspension of the captcha 'i'm not a bot' for X hours a day), they will receive directly '1000 HPower', which will allow them to unlock the remaining Cryptocurrency, which are :

  • Dash
  • ETH
  • BCH
  • Potcoin
  • Peercoin
  • HPower (this one is not a crypto, but will have an influence on the amount you can mine during a session)

For the HPower, any members who have not subscribed to a monthly subscription of 'Patreon' will be able to increase their HPower by doing missions, and will also be able to unlock all the other Cryptocurrency, once they have reached 1000 Hpower

Good to know, once the 'Patreon' or 'non-Patreon', reach 1000 HPower, the missions no longer offer HPower, the other ways to get it are :

  • Make a deposit
  • A little chance of a loot in the mission chest
  • A small chance to receive it as a daily connection reward gift
  • Or, ultimate alternative is to 'Miner' HPower, but tell yourself that as long as you mine this resource, you can't mine other Cryptocurrency, it is not possible to do more than one mining per session, at the end of this one, you can then change from Cryptocurrency to mine, or stay on the same, it will be your decision

More the HPower is high, the higher your mining gains will be.

Namely also, mining does not bring you any XP, to increase your Miner LVL you had to do missions

The Duration of the mining also evolves, depending on your level (at my level, LVL 16, a session lasts 2h 40 min)

Little additional information, each time you fill in the captcha 'i'm not a bot', you win Litoshi every time (up to 10 litoshi)


In the Mission tab you have:

  • Missions
  • Quests

For missions, nothing could be easier, each mission level will be unlocked at the same time as you raise your level of miner

Let's take Mission level 1

You will have the choice between doing a mission to:

  • A few amount of Satoshi (0.285 - 0.665 Satoshi)
  • or / A few amount of Doge (0.008 - 0.02 Doge)
  • or / A few amount of Litoshi (20,238 - 47,225 Litoshi)

These missions will bring you back:

  • Crypto you have chosen (It will always be the same 3, not possible to do missions for other crypto -'Patreon' or 'non-Patreon')
  • Bonus ('Boost mission'which increases by 1 point each day of connection in a row, if you miss a day, it falls to 0 (be careful), for the 'non-Patreon' the maximum of 'Mission boost' is 50%, and for the 'Patreon' it goes up to 100%)
  • A chance to have Crystals during your missions (which you will use to launch mines)
  • A few amount of HPower (from memory I can't tell you, I've passed the 1000 HPower, so the information disappears from the missions)
  • But also XP to increase your Miner LVL

So let's recapitulate → You have to do missions (the duration of the mission is crescendo, LVL1 = 1 Min / LVL20 = 5760 min (96 hours)), to win crystals, and then launch mines

To launch a mission, you need 'Energy', it regenerates itself (you can still recover an energy point by clicking on 'refill 1 energy', but if you are at maximum, you will not have more, it is used in case of real need)

The available energy is according to your LVL, LVL 1 = Energy 1/1, LVL 20 = Energy 20/20)

During missions, you can easily do all 3 missions (Sato, Doge, Lito) at the same time (if you have enough energy)

For Missions LVL 5/10 and 15, you will have the possibility to do missions for Crystals (in addition to crypto), this will be a 4th option that will be displayed

At the end of each mission, just click on 'Claim', a chest will appear, and you will only have to click on it to get your rewards (you will also have a chance to have an additional chest, which you will find in the tab 'CMW' →'My Chest')

For the 'Quests', these are daily objectives to be fulfilled, to have additional rewards, such as :

  • Complete 15 daily quests
  • Miner any Cryptocurrency for 2, 5, or 10 hours
  • Claim 10, 50 or 100 missions
  • Playing games 2, 5 or 10 times
  • Buy 10, 50 or 100 Lottery tickets
  • Buy 10, 50 or 100 Gift tickets
  • Complete 10, 20 or 50 Challenge

All these quests are optional, the easiest ones are the mining rewards for 2, 5 or 10 hours of mining


New functionality of the site, here you can exchange various objects, chests, cards, crypto... for what you need

This market is not governed by any exchange rate, it's the users of the site who determine themselves their quantity (of those they want, and what they ask for) and their exchange rate

(This gives rise to almost hallucinating 'exchanges' lol, such as that I have already seen, one person had put an 'Exchange Offer' online, he asked for 3 500 000 Satoshi, and in exchange he gave 40 Doge - MDR, but don't worry, you can always do good deals, including watching the market when you have the time, or even creating your own offers)

Crypto Mining War (CMW)

In this tab you will have access to:

  • The presentation of their game in development
  • 'My Cards', the cards you will earn in mission rewards, quests and daily rewards, to merge into it with Crypto Coinz (to win in the chests) and mount your own Mega Deck
  • 'My Chest', where you will find all the looter chests during the missions (these chests are opened with crystals, the most basic ones require 50 crystals to unlock it, then you have to wait 2 hours to open it, others require 200 crystals and 12 hours of waiting and the rarest, 2000 crystals to unlock them, and 24 hours of waiting to open it afterwards, knowing that in these chests, you will have a great chance to win crystals, some of them a few hundreds in reward)
  • 'My VMP' (Virtual Mining Pool), is the list of Pools, a little like a guild if you can say, you have to be at least LVL 5 to be able to join in a Pool, but read the descriptions of each pool carefully, some require a minimum level to accept membership and some language too. From LVL 15, you can create your own Pool


In this tab you will find:

  • Daily Bonus: Your daily reward (Come everyday to claim your Daily Bonus! Bonus multiplicator will increase every continuous day you claim till the end of each month ! Daily bonus come back everyday at 0H00 GMT.)
  • Boosts that you can buy with your Cryptocurrency balance, or by using 'CoinPayment'.
  • Lottery tickets to buy (with your Crypto balance)
  • 'Earn More', earn Satoshi and Crypto Coinz (to merge your looted cards) by watching ads
  • Entertaining little games (beware of the Blockchain Explorer, this game is really cool, but you can win crypto, crystals, HPower... or lose some :))
  • Gifts to buy with your Cryptocurrency balance


Here you will have access to:

  • Profile: Recap of your LVL bonuses, crypto balances, referral link, and Plans&Cashback
  • Withdraw: Withdraw is only done on FaucetHub accounts, you also have the possibility to convert your Crypto to 1 year contract for a certain amount of additional HPower)
  • Referrals, the list of your referrals (simply)
  • Premium: Details of Patreon benefits

Then there are the tabs, News, FAQ, Report Bug, Partner, Stats, And the Choice of the site language

Thank you all, for supporting me to read me so far, so in conclusion, I have only one thing to say, Crytpo Mining Game, really offers you the opportunity to win Cryptocurrency (and in addition they let you choose the ones you want) for almost 0 Financial investment, just few of your time

In France we have a saying 'All work deserves a salary', in exchange for your activity, however small it may be, Crypto Mining Game, reward you in Cryptocurrency

Isn't beautiful life ? :)

Of those, I thank you very much for taking time to read this article in its entirety, I wish you many good things for the future, and a lot of success on Crypto Mining Game

I leave you my referral link, and the site link, it's up to you to choose

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