25+ Best AMP Blogger Templates 2020 To Blog Fast Loading

AMP Blogger Templates
Here is a collection of the most helpful AMP Blogger templates. These BlogSpot templates are very mobile fast in page loading speed and mobile-friendly format themes. 

People are always on the lookout for fast loading websites because the Boost uploading site or blog websites is not a waste of time when opening web URLs. 

You can lose organic visitors, but at the same time, fast loading themes look great on search engines which affects your bounce rate. If SEO is dissatisfied with your blog, you will lose your ranking. Use a 

Google Amp Blogger template to load your blog at high speed. The latest designer built-in special feature themes. You can quickly load fast and accessible blog websites.

And a simple, high-speed blogging theme session for reviewing posts related to your users and significance, interface enrichment fonts, and colorful images of general review themes.

AMP is Accelerated Mobile Pages and it is a design created by Google and Twitter that codes to provide SEO fast-loading mobile pages and improves the high performance of the Blogger website mobile in a second. 

AMP should speed up your content and site loading speed on mobile devices quickly or very instantly.

The most impressive blogger theme of mobile-friendliness with SEO friendly. If you are looking for the Blogger themes of 2020 for free download to improve SERP from Google Blog.  Those themes who consider the benefits of blogger Platform.

AMP project was produced by Google to speed up the loading speed of the website, so faster browsers for users on mobile and other devices. 

It was also speculated that the mobile-friendly theme could make it more accessible to search on mobile devices. Accelerated mobile pages sizes and elements for mobile optimization. The perfect HTML tags are developing the mobile browser for your browser.

The speed of your blog has a greater impact on your search engine rankings and visitor experience. Make sure that you need to exit your Blogger theme to optimize the load time of your website. The best theme makes well coding the highest quality, high speed, and SEO-friendly. AMP validation tools.

Best AMP Blogger Templates 2020

Listed in my free downloadable Google amp Blogger templates for bloggers, use an AMP responsive design template here to make your blog or website loading faster, better, and more accessible. Which is licensed by Google Blogger (for newly designed Blogger or Blogspot platforms)!

All the best design for in Google World Blogger template has user-friendly and easy access and interface. 

There are many web programmers or blogger theme service companies online that create free amp blogger templates that speed up-loading. Free Blogspot Theme that comes with fast loading and flexible and simple design.

    1. Infinite Blogger Template

    Infinite is the fast loading optimized and responsive blogger template. It loads very quickly and has a fresh layout giving it a user-friendly interface experience. It is one of the best SEO customized and responsive Blogger template. This theme loads quickly and has a clean interface that makes it user-accessible. Mobile-friendly Content Interface:

    News Theme Style, NEW Technology, 2 Columns, 3 Bottom Menus, Drop-down Screen, Pop-up Search Window, Quick Page Navigation, Ad Tab, Breadcrumbs, Widget Email Subscription, Related Post Slider, Discus comment, blue color. This covers all the features of SEO friendly AdSense friendly footer and title menu and ultra-responsive. This is an Accelerated Mobile Page template designed by Arlina Template Developer. Now go download the Infinite Blogger template.
    Infinite AMP Blogger Template

    2. SEO AMP Blogspot Template

    SEOAMP Blogger Template is one of the most famous and popularly used blogger theme. it comes also feature-rich design. This SEO optimized fast-loading Design Looking as very High-Quality theme. SEO will help you to accelerate your Mobile Pages. 

    This ia a new Blogger Template for your blogger blog. It is a Free Blogspot template with fast loading feature, themes are equipped with highly SEO optimized codes and rich snippets for better SERP. 

    It helps you improve blog speed and initially boosts traffic on your blogger site. This Template Designed By Ikhwan Zubir.it supports the blogger’s default template customizer.
    SEOAMP Blogger Template

    3. Infinite JLB Amp Blogger Template

    Infinite JLB Amp blogger template is a very clear-cut and blogger theme. The Infinite coding to creates infinite JLB. This template helps in optimizing better SEO. The meta segment of it leads to another more SEO-friendly website. 

    Free Download now Infinite JLB  Blogger template. Sober colored UI design is also getting more friendly futures. It handles features like lively headings, top banner advertisements, subscriptions, and social shares, etc. It exists to support the standard builder blogger template. Ads Ready, Retina Ready, Drop Down List, Social Bookmark Ready, Page Navigation Menu, Post Thumbnails, Clear, Web Compatibility, Elegant, its suits News, Technology, Blogger, and more.
    Infinite JLB Amp Blogger Template

    4. Noname Blogger Template

    Noname Blogger Template amp design gives you a classic look. Ye design is SEO & Mobile friendly at 100 per full. This template is clean. On this, you get support for thumbnail image instant resizer. 

    It features thumbnails with auto resize, cross-browser compatibility, created-in CSS3, accessible ad slots, SSL / HTTPS support. Free Download No Name template is also a fully responsive, fully ux ready page and mobile-friendly template. It's ad-friendly, wherever they share this template for free and this template is made by Bang Frankie and this template is completely SEO friendly. It has a clean layout with minimal active design. It loads very quickly and is fully responsive, so it fits well with any device.

    5. AMP News Blog Template

    AMP News Blogger Template is a responsive style theme, and this theme is for free bloggers. It is suitable for newspaper websites and general post interface themes. You can use the Blogger platform is a perfect combination of red, black, and white.

    Make it look more elegant with an elegant design. I believe this the perfect template for news blogging. It theme Design of Magazine, than Help for all who run News Magazines are ideal for blog web pages. It supports SEO friendly, discussion comments, drop-down menus, mobile-friendly, responsive, etc.
    AMP News Blogger Template

    6. BlogAMP  Blogspot Template

    BlogAMP Blogger Template is also a beautiful theme that offers a lot of advanced features. One of the main reasons to use this theme is that this is completely a blogger theme . 

    You can understand that web pages are often more popular. It has a clear blog design for speedy blog search with a header search box on the home page. It still has a very fast loading time. Ii is optimized for blogs in the Gallery, Magazine and Articles and etc. 

    This helps with very flexible, fast loading, and fully prepared-made ads that will also load your web pages more easily than many others. The major advantage of using this theme is that you can comfortably place ads in your selected locations.
    BlogAMP blogger Template

    7. Sinildom Google Blog Template

    Sinildom AMP Blogger Template is a four-column footer style theme that has multipurpose. This theme comes with two formats to different layouts. 

    It has a sidebar on the right side of the homepage with a sidebar on the left side used to see the most recent blog post entries. It has Except for the menu, top sticky responsive navigation number Social sharing buttons supported in the footer.

    At the end of the site appears creative related post button. Sinildom Blogger is a lightweight template with a fresh, flexible layout. It has the breadcrumbs of the department in unique posts layouts that will help with the SEO and customer experience.
    Sinildom AMP Blogger Template

    8. The AMP – Blogspot Template

    The AMP Blogger Template is the first template for SEO Friendly bloggers developed by MS Design and published by Templatemark. 

    If you are looking for a project, this is a high-quality Blogger theme. Create the blogger template with tons of appealing elements and unique layout design. With contractor choices, it's interactive. Ideal for most customizable personal blog layout, news website, blog writing, typography, storyteller, news, and more.
    The AMP – Blogger Template

    9. AMP HTML Responsive Template

    AMP HTML Blogger Template has a clear two-column layout with a homepage layout inbox style. It creating a completely new textured home page design. It is an advanced, extremely fast loading template designed by Kang Ismet. 

    HTML ⚡ theme created a fully Accelerated Mobile Page layout. This  template is standards-compliant and has a structured design such as a card layout that looks excellent and clean.
    AMP HTML Blogger Template

    10. MDCamp Blogger Theme

    MDCamp Blogger Template is the excellent  blogger theme which suits to every niche. this is The fast load's designed the Blogspot template with strongly SEO optimized. 

    The template was created by Gumsite. this template Format-options are perfectly SEO adapted. Perfect for the most flexible personal blog theme, news website, blog writing, typography, author blog, news, and more.
    MDCamp Blogger Template

    11. DroidBuzz AMP Blogger Template

    Droidbuzz blogger template is designed for tech niche blogs theme. This is a nice and minimal AMP Blogger theme with highly SEO configured. 

    The most popular lightweight theme with creative options. Let start create a blog with simple creative elements for your internet blogs. To get a perfect score in Search Engine is ultra SEO friendly, this theme used to be built with the latest SEO techniques. It fits Blogging, Personal Blogging. It is highly SEO friendly to mobile fitting every screen resolution level.

    12. Vletters Blogger Template

    Vletters AMP template is the ultra-responsive blogger template. Vletters AMP Blogger Template is a fully prepared-made template for Google Blogger. With this highly optimized design for your blogger, it's a minimally stylish style, your website with loaded fast. 

    This template is wonderfully SEO-friendly in front of is crafted with a first-person user mindset, and therefore highly user-friendly.
    Vletters AMP Blogger Template

    13. Semi AMP Blogger Template

    Semi AMP-Blogger Template SEO Friendly And Responsive. Semi layout has been designed with lightweight code features such as customizable header screen, breadcrumbs, ready for text and images, etc. 

    Semi Blogger Templates are featuring usability, fully prepared-to-use ads, SEO friendly, responsive, quick loading, right-sidebar, two-column designs, top navigation bar, white color, plain, clean design, unique, and more.

    Semi has a flexible layout design, SEO-friendly template design, AdSense ready, client-friendly structure, built-in post widget, stylish popular post, social sharing icons, and customizable drop-down. Semi  has compatible layout design, SEO friendly template design, AdSense ready, schema coded, user-friendly, embedded alongside relevant delivery service widget, stylish pop out, social portion icons, responsive drop-down menu-bar, clear, unique contact form, in addition to the responsive comment box.

    14. GooAMP Google Blog Template

    Goo amp blogger template are new-style designs that really are perfect for writing, updating, and personal niche blogging. With something like a view following the cool interface template, it would seem stylish and fast to load, and free. 

    GooAMP  AMP  Blogger Template

    15. BetaPress Blogger Template

    BetaPress AMP Blogger Template best blogger theme in 2020. The accelerated blogger template of Betapress has a fast loading. It used to be standards compliant, mobile SEO friendly and had a subscription option as well. 

    Betapress theme is one of our quickest templates until now. Betapress's favorite feature is that this theme's loading times are under a second. It is a fully SEO optimized theme with structured absolutely perfect results. This design is generated using Zero JavaScripts. 

    Betapress theme comes in a stylish look, without damaging any significant theme feature. Setup this theme, and start giving a modern look to your blog.

    16. Purple AMP Blogger Template

    Purple AMP Blogger Template is a high-quality blogging news and education blogger template. It is completely SEO with a modern special, fashionable style of the higher class theme.  Purple for Blogger Template. 

    Purple is a configured, strong, and communicative template with the best SEO. It had a beautiful blog layout. This theme is built to be super SEO friendly and also mobile-friendly and modified. This template is a Proper  template, which is SEO friendly and also mobile-friendly. This template has 3 column grid design installed of Free download.

    17. Kompi Design Blogger Template

    Kompi Design Google AMP Blogger Template is a stylish blogger template to perfect. This template works perfectly with Google HTML HTML standard, Bootstrap standard, flexible design as well as HTTPS protocol support ready for the future. 

    On the interface, Kompi is designed with a Grid post layout. Kompi Design on loading all devices firstly, Contained in this template, with functionalities, Responsive, SEO Friendly, Easy loading, and others. Free Download this template instantly ranks post on search engines.
    Kompi Design AMP Blogger Template

    18. AMP Daily Blogger Template

    AMP Daily is the Landing Page Blogger Template. Daily is a blogger template landing page theme that helps you easily build beautiful web pages. This design has a blog post system called Gird Preview.

    Daily is the Landing Page Blogger Template Looking for Best Business Blogger Template. This template is designed for corporate websites for industry, marketing, companies, and businesses. 

    You can download the template that would be perfect for running a perfect business, marketing, or affiliate blog. Daily Blogger Template Business BlogSpot template build for niches related to daily life dealing, finance, and much more.

    19. Piroamp Blogger Template

    Piroamp Blogger Template fits with blogger platform Mobile Pages. It's configured with an outlook of a Personal Blog, only secs to load and run it. It should help you improve your Blog's mobile experience. You could very well know that the layouts for bloggers are considerably faster than others. 

    Ok, you need a lot of speed advantage on your blog by using this template. Super SEO friendly, functional template, and browser-friendly, customized, and modified design helps your website load very fast. It also has a modern design style that will change your standard looking blog into a stylish design.
    Piroamp Blogger Template

    20. GooPlus AMP Blogger Template

    GooPlus AMP Blogger Template is a responsive template. GooPlus is a blogger theme crafted for Blogspot. 

    GooPlus Customizable Blogger Template is extremely customized to offer the best user interface by speed and reliability. It is suitable for multiple niche markets such as breaking news, newspaper politics, entertainment, sports, technology, travel, and much more. 

    GooPlus Blogger Design is standards-compliant to mobile devices on android, laptop, and Windows.
    GooPlus AMP Blogger Template

    21. Maknyus AMP Blogger Template

    Maknyus AMP Blogger Template is the best blogger theme. Raden Gino created the Template to Maknyus  Blogger. 

    These interfaces are designed with two columns, fast and flexible, structured layout, colors. It displays fast loading, usability with browsers, social sharing. Maknyus Blogger Templates is an responsive blogger template with elements, Prepared-to-use ads, right sidebar, two column styles, top navigation bar, white color, clear and sleek layout, unique and much more.

    22. Megumin AMP Blogger Template

    Megumin AMP Blogger template code XML version comes template for blogger platform. Arleth Desz built up the Megumin Blogger template. 

    It is an elegant and deeply responsive blogger layout guided by SEO. It includes features such as Valid , Flexible Data valid, Quick load, Adsense fully prepared, and many more.
    Megumin AMP Blogger Template

    23. Materi AMP blogger Template

    Materi AMP blogger template is a fresh coded blog template with a lightweight blog design that allows it to load very quickly.

    24. Sahabat AMP blogger Template

    Sahabat AMP blogger template is great for the personal blog theme. this theme is simple and completely responsive. It come Simply SEO impressive and elegant you can have enjoyable running news, articles videos online, related articles, and much more.

    25. EVO AMP Blogger Template

    EVO AMP Blogger Template is a responsive blogger theme. Blanoid created a blogger template.  This blogger template has futures such as search, back to top, popular posts, quick access speed, optimized location of ads, and many more. This covers such elements as a new blog.
    EVO AMP Blogger Template

    26. Shopping AMP Blogger Template

    Shopping amp theme This is a high-quality blogger template, and it also loads very quickly. Its simple look makes it unique and accessible for your readers to drive into your blog easily. 

    Shopping blogger template is an awesome online shop Blogger Theme, which is very flexible and has a responsive layout. It is is a very simple and clean blogger theme. This template is suitable for shop, e-commerce, online selling blogs.
    Shopping AMP Blogger Template

    27. Blanterdeamp - Free Responsive Blogger Template

    Blanter Deamp Amp Blogger template is a simple and fast loading lightweight blogger template. It is the best fitting for lifestyle blogs but is also can be used for your news blog layout, personal blog, photography blog, tech blog, authority blog.
    Blanterdeamp - Free Responsive AMP Blogger Template

    28. Shezan Landing Page HTML Blogger Template

    Shezan blogger theme is a Premium Blogger Template. Shezan is the first HTML Landing Page layout template. This Blogger Template is a very stylish, elegant, and powerful multipurpose landing Blogger Template.This template author by goomsite.net.

    29. MagOne - News & Magazine Blogger Template

    MagOne is a updated magazine blogger template with beautiful color and design options. This template will work best for those who want to create review blogs. MagOne is one of blogger platforms the best seller responsive newspaper and magazine Blogger templates. Drag and drop to build a magazine Blogger website elements.

    MagOne of Blogger Template of features

    ➦Multiple Comment Systems
    ➦Super Mega Menu
    ➥Floating Menu
    ➥Responsive Sticky Sidebar
    ➥Shortcode Ready
    ➥Custom Post Title Design
    ➥Support Sub Post Title
    ➥Smart Breadcrumb
    ➥Widgets Ready
    ➥Smart Post Pagination and more


    Here is a list of the best AMP Blogger templates you can use them to get a quick blog template. This Blogger is a template that will help you speed up loading  your Blogger blog contents.