Blogging Tips for New Bloggers [2020]: Blogspot Platform Tips

 Blogging Tips For Newbies Or New Bloggers

We have seen many tips of blogging for new bloggers. And the tips are old and common that you can name them in your sleeping period. We have read many post like how to blog better, or blog like professionals but those post are of no use, those were useless for both of us. I can’t say about you. but we tried it didn’t work for us.

The main thing is the tips that really work. Since there were few days were we feel like a new blogger or newbie.

         General Tips

 Do  Not To Copy. Stop coping to someone else blog. Try to create your own unique content. Because if your site will have unique content then visitors will come to your site.
Be Truth to all. Always be truthful to your visitors don’t give them fake information. Because earning reputation for your site is hard, but losing your reputation is easy.
Outstanding. Try to be outstanding by writing a researched article. Don’t write article with less knowledge.
Patient.You must have patient, success take time to come.
Theme.Have a good theme in your site that visitors like.

          Growth And Community

Don’t guess your stats early. If you are new the let me tell you blogging take time to earn. If you are thing that you are not getting anything from blogging then your career in blogging is almost finish. So always think for success and to get success install Google Analytics because it will tell you that on which position your site is on Google.
Content must be shared easily. Most of the content are shared through social networking site like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn etc to get visitors in the site. So always make easy for the visitors to share the content by installing a plugine like digg digg, share this, and share and fallow etc.
Encouraging your community. Write some post which are not complete and ask your community to complete it, so that you can gain more knowledge and information.
Don’t underestimate networking. If you are not connected with other bloggers and the readers of your site then you are missing at one point.
 Guest post. We think no need to explain.


Evergreen content. Do not write like newspaper, write like novel. Means always write evergreen content. Means don’t put date on it.
Not to write too long or too small. Write minimum up to 500 words and not more than 1000 to 1200 words. Writing to long and too short can harm your website as well as visitors.
Point. Must consider on your main point while writing.

          Motivation And Inspiration

Quit. Don’t quit or give up always struggle. Struggling is the basic key to success. Write that you know. Write that you know and convert your idea in your post and always write unique post. Expect critics. Be prepared for this, if people hate you means you are at right path. These are some of our tips that really work for us. If you are having your own tips you are free to add in the comments. Hope you like our article on Personal Blogging Tips for Newbies or New bloggers. Please leave your comments below. And don’t forget to share it.