Add Back to Top Button or Add Back to Top Button in Blogger

Add Back to Top Button or Go to Top Button in Blogger

Back to Top/ Go to top (^) – Friends in many website you may have seen up arrow on bottom by pressing this up-arrow you reach to top of the web page. You also can see this button on this page right side of bottom by pressing this you will go to top. It’s very use full for website visitors this feature save time of website visitors they reach to top by pressing this option.Having  the Top and back buttion on a website is a very important factor 

Without it’s very old way pressing scroll up button for go to top and it’s also take time for go to top that’s why now days maximum websites use new way for go to top button. Whatever your website or blog site need and design you can pick one of these.

        How to add Back to Top Button in Blogger

It’s very easy to add back to top button in blogger follow below given steps for add back to top/ go to top button.

1.    Sign in –  in your blogger account

2.     Select your Blog in which blog you want to Add Widget

3.     Go to Layout Option

4.    In Layout option  there is a Add Gadget Option Select this (see in image)

5.     After select Add Gadget a popup window will be open  ( Add Gadget window ) (see in image)

6.      Now select “HTML/JavaScript” Gadget  

7.      Replace my blog url and paste your url 

8.      Replace the highlighted source code with your chosen image source from the list below to get the button you want.

After this Now select (copy) any one html button coding from below given styles which you want to add in your blog and past in HTML/JAVA Script content Box (see below image )

Not:e- You can Replace "right" with "left" if you want show button in left side.

Not:e- You can Replace "right" with "left" if you want show button in left side.

Now Save arrangement and blog is ready with Go to Back option.

Button style Code 1

Button style Code 2
Back to top image

Button style Code 3

Back to Top

Button style Code 4
 back to top image

Button style Code 5
 Up Arrow image

Button style Code 6

Button style Code 7

Button style Code 8


Button style Code 9

Button style Code 10

Button style Code 11

Button style Code 12

Button style Code 13

Button style Code 14

Button style Code 15

Button style Code 16

Button style Code 17

Button style Code 18

Button style Code 19

Button style Code 20