9 Best Tricks Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners Guide

9 Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners

I see a lot of people are looking for the advice about affiliate marketing. Today I am sharing Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners to help beginner blogger who intend to start a new blog or have a blog already.

          You Know What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is one the best monetization program to generate money from your blog or audience. Whether a blogger can make 100 bucks with thousand visitors but with proper affiliate marketing you could make thousand bucks. Many Bloggers are making million bucks with affiliate marketing. The journey of affiliate marketing is not much easy but if you are able to work efficiently then you could be a successful affiliate marketer in no time. I share these 9 Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners to increase the chances of more income through affiliate marketing and be a successful blogger.

As an Affiliate Marketer you should have to keep learning daily and be patience. You may have knew affiliate marketing is quite difficult than other monetize program. But it’s not impossible to make money with affiliate marketing with a new blog.

          Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners

1.  Niche

One of the great mistakes in affiliate marketing is choosing right niche. You should have to choose a niche in which a lot of affiliate products and services are available. Be sure you are choosing the right niche for that you could generate Great Content. Choose a niche that is trendy and people frequently buy that genre products or services through online. There are a lot of advantages of Choosing Right Niche. If you share everything in your blog then you can not decide that which products is perfect for your blog or what types of traffic you are getting.

2.  Content

We already know that Content is King. For affiliate marketing content plays an important role. If you don’t generate Great content that are helpful and Informative to your readers then your readers never buy anything from your affiliate links. Your content approach should be marketing base. Your content turns your readers to a customer. Sharing valuable content consistently increase your credibility and brand. This will make your readers understand that you are promoting best and effective products that they are looking for.

3.  Write Reviews

The best way for affiliate marketing is writing reviews about the products or services. You reviewed a product that you have used and sharing your experience to let people know about the pros and cons of that product. This will help your readers to decide which product they should buy. Never share bias review. It may increase you initial commission but you lose your traffic in the long run.

4.  Cloak Affiliate Links

If you have tried affiliate program before then you must see ugly affiliate links. Link cloaker turn your ugly affiliate links to a decent link.


I think above links looks horrible and you won’t be interested to click on this link. But if the link looks like-


This link looks decent and you may like to click on this link. I personally like to use Thirsty Affiliate for link Cloaking. Though there are a lot of link cloaking services. Just choose one that suits you.

5.  Email Marketing

Email marketing is the best source of regular traffic. Build email list help you to promote your affiliate products directly to your audience. Offer your readers eBook/eCourse or Premium service while they subscribe email. This will help to grow your email list rapidly. Don’t do spamming with sending too much email and forcing your audience to buy a product or services. Work on your audience to build a strong relationship that your readers feel comfortable while they receive your email.

6.   Use Several Affiliate Programs

Don’t depend on only one Affiliate program. You can try different affiliate programs to see which one works best with your audience. It also helps to increase your affiliate earnings. Some best Affiliate Programs are-

Just Sign up in these program and share that products which are related with your niche and content.  Never run for huge commission programs that are not trust worthy. Be sure you are promoting highly recommended products that you have used too.

7.  Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important affiliate marketing tips for beginner. You should have to find out best keywords according to your niche so you should be able to make your readers into a customer. If you select irrelevant keywords for huge traffic then it will bring traffic but no affiliate income. Targeted traffic is the only way to make money with affiliate marketing.

8.  Commission System

Before applying any Affiliate program learn about their commission system. How much they will offer for every sale. Some affiliate programs offer 90 days purchasing offer. Here, if someone click on your affiliate links and don’t purchase instantly but they will purchase within 90 days then you will get commission for that purchase.

My recommendation is, always find out online products for affiliate marketing because online products offer 30-70 % commission for every sale from affiliate marketing. This is an important affiliate marketing tips for beginner whether they don’t believe about online products selling.

9.   Payment Method

Be sure you are eligible to withdraw you affiliate earnings from your country with their payment methods. Before applying in any affiliate program learn about their payment method and payment policy.

Finally I think affiliate marketing tips for beginners help to start affiliate marketing and make money with their blog. If you are able to make a long term strategy with affiliate marketing then it will generate huge money with affiliate sales. You approach with your readers should be friendly whether you are going to sale affiliate products to them. Listen your readers what they want and engage with your readers regularly.

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