17 Reasons Why To Avoid Google Adsense Banning

17 Tips To Avoid Google Adsense Banning

Most of the new bloggers are crazy about the Google adsense but they don’t take much care of google adsense and they do some little mistakes and there adsense got banned. So here are some of the tips for new bloggers to avoid Google adsense ban.

        17 Reasons Avoid Google Adsense Publisher

  1. Must follow Google Adsence Terms and Condition to avoid adsense banning
  2. Must have a Privacy Policy page on your blog or site.
  3. Not to click on your own ads
  4. Not to tell anyone to click on your ads
  5. Don’t copy the content from any other site.
  6. Your article should meet the all the quality lines. It should be unique and good in grammar.
  7. Not to use porn content in your site.
  8. Not to use Weapons, Illegal things, Alcohol, casino, Tobacco, Gambling, Hacking, and Null downloads etc related content in your site or blog.
  9. Not to do any alteration on Google Adsense code.
  10. Don’t bring paid traffic to your website.
  11. Avoid using click bots to get clicks on your ads.
  12. Don’t think to increase your CTR (Click Through Rate). Your CTR must be between 2% to 5%.
  13. You must be 18 or above to apply for Adsense.
  14. Not to use your Google ads in E-mails and pop-ups windows.
  15. Don’t make your ads invisible on your site.
  16. Your site should not be under construction.
  17. Not to show more than 3 ads in one page.
If we missed any other point then please mention it on your comments.Hope you like our article.